Smallville: Every Main Character’s Age

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premiered on October 16 th, 2001, và ran for 10 seasons until 2011. Viewers were dropped into Clark Kent ‘ s life as a freshman at Smallville High. While they were in school, the ages of the characters were easy Khủng determine based on their grade. However, the exact ages for characters lượt thích Lex, Kara, & even Clark were more complicated .

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Knowing a favorite character’s age is important mập some viewers. This is because how old someone is can help a viewer understand character dynamics & relationships. Character ages are rarely, if ever, blatantly stated. However, some investigation và logical assumptions can help determine many of the main character’s ages ( or at least land them somewhere in the ballpark ) .

10 Jonathan và Martha Kent Were Both Born In 1961

The Kent Family (Smallville) Jonathan và Martha first met while attending Metropolis University. Their relationship was badly received with opposition from Martha’s father, who believed she was too good béo marry a farmer from Smallville. Nevertheless, they pursued a relationship, married, & lived together in Smallville .
During this giây phút, they learned that they were unable bự have children. Martha wished it wasn’t the case, và then came the meteor shower & the arrival of Kal-El. Their lives changed forever as they raised Clark lượt thích he was their own. Any morals or values Superman has can be mostly attributed lớn his upbringing under the Kents ‘ roof .

9 Lionel Luthor Was Born In 1944

lionel-luthor-smallville Lionel Luthor was born in Suicide Slums – one of the worst neighborhoods in Metropolis. When he was a teenager, he, alongside his friend, Morgan Edge, murdered his parents phệ collect their life insurance. That sum of money led béo the creation of LuthorCorp, which funded several more evil deeds .
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Lionel Luthor was an antagonistic force for most of the series. Viewers learned what kind of father he was mập Lex & how destructive his influence end Smallville was. Like all great characters, Lionel was complex & later earned his redemption on several occasions – even saving Clark’s loved ones & protecting his secret .

tám Oliver Queen Was Most Likely Born In 1980

Oliver Queen as Green Arrow Although Oliver’s exact birth date is không bao giờ stated, he’s depicted as attending Lex’s private school in the same year. Therefore, viewers can assume he was born in 1980 – the same as Lex. On the surface, both characters came from similar upbringings of wealth & recognition, & their paths in life deviated drastically .
The two became adversaries in season 6 when Lex began experimentation on meteor-infected individuals. Oliver donned a costume, calling himself the Green Arrow, & assembled a nhóm of superhumans béo combat Lex và his growing roster of villains .

7 Tess Mercer Was Born In 1984

tess-mercer-smallville Tess was introduced in season tám as Lex’s successor. She inherited his finances và LuthorCorp after his disappearance. It was later revealed that Tess was the hidden younger sister of Lex và daughter of Lionel. Her real name was Lutessa Lena Luthor. She grew up in an orphanage, far from the public eye, run by Granny Goodness .
Despite Tess’s familiar obsessive tendencies kết thúc the meteor-infected & Clark’s true identity, she ultimately became a trusted ally bự Clark, Chloe, và Oliver. Her life as Luthor was explored in an alternate reality in the season 10 episodes ” Kent ” & ” Luthor. ”

6 Lana Lang Was Born In Late 1986

Lana Lang talking to Clark Kent in the pilot of Smallville Fans of Smallville met Lana Lang before they met Clark. The Kents entered a flower shop và spoke Khủng Lana, who was tam years old, on the day of the Smallville meteor shower in 1989. The day not only became infamous lớn Smallville, but bự Lana too. Sadly, it was the day she lost both her parents .
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Over the course of the series, Lana would hold a lot of resentment toward meteor-infected people, stating that things would be better for everyone if the meteor shower chưa bao giờ happened. Statements lượt thích that unknowingly hurt Clark và reinforced his decision béo keep Lana in the dark regarding his true lineage .

5 Chloe Sullivan, Like Most Of Her Classmates, Was Born In 1987

chloe-sullivan-smallville Like most of her classmates, including Pete Ross, Chloe was born in 1987. She was one of Clark’s closest friends when they met shortly before attending high school. Chloe grew up with her father & believed her mother abandoned her. In actuality, her mother was afraid of her own meteor-induced powers và wanted bự protect Chloe, who’d one-day manifest powers of her own .
Appearing in all 10 seasons, Chloe grew closer & closer lớn Clark. She eventually learned his secret & aided him in his future heroic duties. She even took up the mantle of ” Watchtower ” after Oliver Queen created a prototype Justice League team .

bốn Kara Zor-El Was Born In 1967 On Krypton

Kara is Supergirl in Smallville Born on Krypton in 1967, Kara is Clark’s older cousin. Kara’s father, Zor-El was a scientist just lượt thích his brother. He built a spaceship for Kara Khủng follow her baby cousin, Kal-El, Khủng Earth. During the Smallville meteor shower in 1989, her ship fell into the Smallville reservoir. She remained in stasis for 18 years until Clark’s battle with Bizarro in season 7 freed her .
Her dynamic with Clark was unusual but interesting. She was technically his older cousin, but younger in other ways. She adapted mập the planet more quickly, gaining the power of flight long before Clark, but was also unfamiliar with Earth .

ba Lois Lane Was Mostly Likely Born In 1986

Erica Durance as Lois Lane (Smallville) Lois Lane was introduced in the first episode of season bốn, just as Clark & his classmates began their senior year of high school. Lois, who was stated phệ be a year older than Clark, her cousin Chloe, & their classmates, was required bự enroll in Smallville High for the last semester she không bao giờ completed .
Clark và Lois, played by Tom Welling and Erica Durance, had amazing chemistry. What began as playful banter eventually led mập lãng mạn interest. Due lớn her popularity & charming wit, Durance’s appearances quickly evolved from guest star bự series regular .

2 Lex Luthor Was Born In 1980

Smallville's Lex Luthor Lex Luthor was 9 years old on the day of the Smallville meteor shower in 1989. This makes him roughly 6 years older than Clark. Throughout the series, Lex’s childhood was explored more than Clark’s. Viewers saw Lex as a child who lost his hair after his exposure phệ the meteor rocks. The trauma surrounding his mother và baby brother, & the bullying he endured during high school, shaped his views as an adult .
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In the early seasons of the show, Lex acted as a sort of older brother phệ Clark. He bought him things, gifted him tickets phệ sold-out events, và gave him dating advice. This dynamic would sadly fade as the two’s lives grew more sour và complex .

1 Clark Kent Is Believed To Have Been Born In Either 1986 or ‘ 87

Clark in the Fortress of Solitude On Krypton, Kal-El ‘ s exact birth date is unknown. The Smallville meteor shower that masked Kal-El ‘ s arrival occurred in 1989. Clark’s classmate, Lana, was tam years old at the giây phút. Jonathan và Martha would eventually find young Kal-El ( or did he find them ? ) & forge documents stating Clark Kent’s birth date as May ba rd, 1987 .
It’s reasonable bự assume that Clark’s birth year is either 1987 or late 1986. Though in real life Tom Welling was roughly ten years older than the character he played, Clark was believed Khủng age lượt thích any average human ( ignoring the fact that almost none of the cast looked their character’s ages ) .

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