Sony Michel or Rashaad Penny Which Running Back is the Better Fantasy Football Pick

Sony Michel or Rashaad Penny: Which Running Back is the Superior Pick?


Running backs significantly impact the success of most fantasy teams, which can make or break the season. Ergo, it’s crucial to make an informed decision in regards to drafting these players. This write-up will delve into the player profiles of Sony Michel and Rashaad Penny, and ultimately suggest which one would be the superior pick in the upcoming season.

Sony Michel

Drafted in 2018 by the New England Patriots, Sony Michel has been an invaluable force on the team since his arrival. His rookie year was impressive, with Michel rushing for 931 yards and six touchdowns, playing a crucial role in the Patriots’ Super Bowl win against the LA Rams. Although the player didn’t play to his fullest potential during his second season due to injuries, he amplified his efficiency ratings. On average, Michel has a 4.3 yards per carry, which is commendable. He also has a proficiency for scoring touchdowns, especially in the red zone.

Rashaad Penny

Rashaad Penny was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in 2018 but struggled to acclimate to NFL life during his rookie year. During his second season, the player showed moments of brilliance before injuring himself. Nonetheless, it’s impossible to ignore that he hasn’t delivered on his draft status. Penny has a 4.9 yards per carry, which is higher than Michel’s. However, he’s only played in 27 games in his two years in the league.

Comparing Stats

Let’s compare Michel’s and Penny’s stats to gain insight into their potential and efficacy.

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Total Yardage and Touchdowns

In total yardage and touchdowns, Michel has a significant lead over Penny. He has 1,843 yards and 13 touchdowns in his two seasons, while Penny has only produced 823 yards and five touchdowns. Michel has also played in more games, having participated in 29 compared to Penny’s 27.


In terms of efficiency, Penny is ahead with a 4.9 yards per carry compared to Michel’s 4.3. Nevertheless, Michel’s ability to score touchdowns compensates for the slight difference in efficiency.

Potential for the Upcoming Season

Both Michel and Penny have concerns surrounding their potential for the approaching season. Michel’s injury problems and the Patriot’s roster’s backfield level of talent, including players like Damien Harris and James White, are things to consider. Penny is still on the mend, and it’s unclear if he’ll be able to challenge Chris Carson for the starting position.


Based on their stats and upcoming season prospects, Sony Michel seems like the obvious and safer choice. He’s demonstrated his ability to produce when healthy, and the Patriots have a history of relying on a robust running game. Although talented, Penny has yet to prove himself and has to compete with Carson for the top position. As with any decision, it comes down to personal preference, but we recommend that you draft Sony Michel over Rashaad Penny.


1. Is injury history important when drafting a running back?

Ans: Yes, injury history is a crucial aspect to consider when drafting a running back for fantasy football.

2. What is Sony Michel’s average yards per carry?

Ans: Sony Michel’s career average yards per carry is 4.3.

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3. Which group is Rashaad Penny currently playing for?

Ans: Rashaad Penny is currently with the Seattle Seahawks.

4. Who are the other running backs on the New England Patriots team?

Ans: The New England Patriots usually have a full backfield, with players like James White and Damien Harris.

5. What is the total number of games Sony Michel has played in the NFL?

Ans: Sony Michel has played in 29 fixtures over his two seasons in the league.

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