Eisenhower Dollar United States Space Force Legal Tender Coin l JM Bullion™

The Eisenhower Dollar was briefly available to the american english populace in the 1970s. available from 1971 until 1978, the most unique turn of the series was the Bicentennial Eisenhower Dollars of 1975 and 1976. nowadays, Eisenhower Dollar United States Space Force Legal Tender Coins are available to you online from JM Bullion. Coin Highlights:

  • Available to you in an acrylic capsule with a round display stand!
  • Includes a Certificate of Authenticity!
  • Authentic US legal tender coinage!
  • Bicentennial Eisenhower Dollars!
  • Colorized obverse honors the US Space Force!
  • Contains a cupro-nickel alloy.
  • The face value of $1 (USD) is fully backed by the US government.
  • On the obverse is the colorized logo for the United States Space Force.
  • The reverse features the Liberty Bell with the Moon in the background.

These authentic US legal crank coins from the 1975-1976 handout of Eisenhower Dollars by the US Mint. Each one has been enhanced with color visuals on the obverse side with a design honoring the creation of the United States Space Force in December 2019. The US Space Force became the 6th branch of the United States Military and the first base one added to the US Military since 1947 when the US Air Force was formally formed. All of the Eisenhower Dollar United States Space Force Legal Tender Coins are available to you with an acrylic encapsulate to theater the coin and a little, round display that stands the space capsule upright for display. The coins in this consequence have a Certificate of Authenticity available with purchase. The coins have a thin layer of colorization on the obverse side, obscuring the effigy of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. This colorization presents a space-themed field with the new US Space Force logo.

On the obverse side of Eisenhower Dollar United States Space Force Legal Tender Coins is covered by the color design plain. The beautiful imagination on this face of the mint captures Earth and out space in bright colors. A paring of the Earths surface is visible in the lower-left field with the cold dark of space dominating the backdrop battlefield. It is hera that the newest branch of the United States Military does its work. The US Space Force logo is set in the center of the design field. The reverse field of Eisenhower Dollar US Space Force Legal Tender Coins comes with the Bicentennial Eisenhower Dollar design. The invention features the Moon in the background with the Liberty Bell in the foreground. The Liberty Bell was added to 1975 and 1976 issues in this series in honor of the bicentennial of the birth of the United States of America. Please contact JM Bullion with any questions you have about these coins. Our team is available to you at 800-276-6508, online through our live old world chat, and via our e-mail address .

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