SPIS – Solving the Mystery of Masculine Romance in Morocco

The traditional romance that emerged from the Moroccan culture is often perceived as confounding and mysterious, especially to the uninitiated. In fact, many Moroccan women are often perplexed when they are unable to decipher the behavior of their male counterparts when they are courting. It is not unusual to hear queries such as, ‘why did he do that?’ ‘what does he mean?’ or ‘is he interested or not?’. These questions are typical of Moroccan women who find themselves at a loss when dealing with the intricacies of the romance left to them by their forefathers. Fortunately, ‘spis’ offers an overriding guide that can help to decode and demystify masculine romance in Morocco.

Spis – The Secret Code

‘Spis’ is a term often used by Moroccan men when explaining the art of wooing a woman. It essentially refers to the procedure of correctly approaching a woman and displaying interest in a way that is not too overt or too subtle. To put it simply, ‘spis’ is the blend of subtlety, pride, and confidence that a man exudes when he is pursuing a woman he is interested in. It is the secret code that Moroccan men use when navigating the treacherous waters of Moroccan romance, and it can be the key to deciphering the enigma that is Moroccan romantic culture.

Cracking the Code

The first step to decoding the ‘spis’ code is to be aware of the subtle, yet distinct, signals that Moroccan men make when they want to display interest. It is common for Moroccan men to be coy about their intentions, thereby making it difficult for a woman to discern when she is being pursued. To overcome this hurdle, one needs to be patient and observe how the man behaves over time. Moroccan men usually use non-verbal cues to show their interest, such as staring, holding eye contact, or giving compliments. These signals are not always overt, but they can be picked up with an astute mind.

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Once it becomes apparent that a Moroccan man is interested, it is important to be cautious and not let the excitement of being pursued overcome one’s senses. Moroccan men expect women to reciprocate their interest, but in a covert manner. This is where the subtlety of ‘spis’ comes into play. Women need to show their interest without seeming too eager or indecent. The aim is to maintain a sense of aloofness while actively responding to the man’s advances. This promotes a balance of power where both parties have an equal stake in the game of romance.

The Role of Culture

One cannot underestimate the role of culture when discussing romance in Morocco. Cultural norms dictate that men must take the lead in romance, which means that women have to be patient and let the man guide them through the courtship. Moroccan men hold dear the idea of the ‘gentleman,’ who is chivalrous, respectful, and protective of his woman. To this end, a woman’s expected behavior is that she should not make the first move but respond appropriately when the man initiates contact.

Another aspect of the culture that plays a crucial role in the ‘spis’ code is that of family. Moroccan families value tradition and expect their children to uphold the ideals of their forefathers. When it comes to romance, the family plays a significant role in the courtship process. Moroccan men have to impress not just the woman they are interested in but also her family. Conversely, a woman is also expected to impress the man’s family. This process can take time and can be quite an arduous task. However, it is essential in cementing the relationship and ensuring its longevity.

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The Moroccan romantic culture has been around for centuries and is deeply ingrained in its society. As such, it can be challenging for outsiders to comprehend and navigate the complexities of this culture. However, with the aid of the ‘spis’ code, one can have an idea of how Moroccan men think and behave in romantic situations. Moroccan romance is built on the principles of subtlety, pride, and confidence, and it requires women to be patient, observant and respond appropriately. Culture plays a significant role in Moroccan romance, and one must be sensitive to its nuances if they wish to succeed. Deciphering the ‘spis’ code can unlock the mystery of Moroccan romantic culture and create enduring relationships.

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