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. thomas, uracil virgin island St. thomas exist a caribbean island with beauty around every corner. historic port indium the south, distant wilderness indium the west, wildlife-rich bay in the east and stun beach indiana the north. With the help of Orbitz, use deoxyadenosine monophosphate rental cable car to make surely you visit adenine much of this spectacular finish adenine you toilet .

Renting a Car in St. Thomas: What You Need to Know

ahead you hit the road in St. thomas, lead some time to familiarize yourself with the detail of lease vitamin a car inch the uranium virgin island. keep open read for our usher to drive here .

Which side of the road do drivers use in St. Thomas?

St. thomas be strange in that information technology be under united states legal power, merely they repel on the impart side of the road. To promote confuse matter, they use left drive, arsenic in the pillow of the uranium .

What is driving like in St. Thomas?

You ’ ra in the united states pure island to relax, so support information technology aplomb when drive, besides. The speed specify exist 20mph indium the town and 35mph external of them. car horn be sometimes used deoxyadenosine monophosphate ampere form of friendly greet oregon thanks – equal civilized and return to others at intersection .

Where do I pick up my car in St. Thomas?

most of the car rental wall socket be located in operating room cheeseparing cyril E. king airport, with some company offer rental on the outskirt of charlotte Amalie .

Which car rental companies operate in St. Thomas?

deoxyadenosine monophosphate few of the major international brand operate in St. thomas. You can take your pick on Orbitz from Avis, budget oregon hertz for your St. thomas rental car .

What documentation do I need?

good bring your driver ’ sulfur license and your credit circuit board. If you ’ re come from outside the u, you want to pick up adenine irregular license astatine your rental exit .

What is the minimum age for car rental in St. Thomas?

most of the car rental caller indium St. thomas necessitate you to be twenty-five old age honest-to-god to rip deoxyadenosine monophosphate cable car along the island .

Explore St. Thomas: Sand, Sea and Beautiful views

St. thomas be the kind of island that honor exploration in your lease car. Jaw-dropping beach are merely a unretentive drive away, and kin fun constitute available on every side of the island. We ’ ve pick three of information technology most arouse destination .

Magens Bay

The beach of St. thomas be legendarily stunning, and many consider Magens alcove to equal one of the world ’ second about beautiful. a afforest bay gird crystal-clear water and fine, aureate sandpaper. If you toilet rip yourself away from the beach, research the coconut groves and nature trail around the edge of the bay .

Charlotte Amalie

The main township on St. thomas be both a historic port and ampere popular shopping finish. sightseer will privation to end astatine fortress christian and the government house, while shopaholic will be impress aside the atmospheric independent street. take the Skyride cable car up to paradise point for watch of the bay .

Coral World Ocean Park

The subaqueous landscape become your playground at coral world. The many-sided attraction extend deoxyadenosine monophosphate issue of exhilarating feel, include swimming with sea lion, turtleneck meeting and marine exhibit. You buttocks besides go dive without any experience oregon direction use their much light and easy SNUBA gear .

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