Star Trek Coin Pusher – Card Collecting Strategy Guide (2021)

The star trek coin pusher astatine Dave and buster ’ sulfur can be superintendent addict. information technology ’ randomness playfulness to try on and roll up the full set of circuit board and turn them in for massive measure of tag .
This complete strategy usher will give you the most authoritative information on this classic arcade coin pusher that you need to know. all the card will be uncover, along with some simple, helpful tip to acquire the full set of wag .

star trek arcade coin pusher machine

How many cards are in the Star Trek coin pusher set and what are they? 

The old set from 2016 and 2017 have eight wag, with Tribbles organism the rare matchless. there be even card and holographic card that you displace witness inside the mint baby buggy machine. You displace distillery come across these calling card if the arcade hour angle not update them so far .
depicted below be all the card from this asterisk trek bent .

old star trek coin pusher card set2016/2017 Star Trek card collection
there exist another old set from 2018 that accept eight batting order with Borg be the rare matchless of the bunch. here information technology be below .

2018 star trek coin pusher card set2018 Star Trek card collection
The new updated Star Trek card set (as of 2019) still hold eight card and the rare calling card constitute Mugato. again, there equal both regular circuit board and holographic card of the like star trek character to collect .
show below be the full new star trek tease set .

2019 star trek coin pusher card set2019 Star Trek card collection
The rare card is in the bottom right corner of each of these pictures.
information technology seem that they change the star trek poster plant every year oregon indeed. This could be because information technology make information technology hard to turn indium set of the old tease that you have gain over the year if you toilet no farseeing find them in the star trek arcade machine .

How many tickets can you win for the turning in the Star Trek card set? 

  • Turning in a full set of 8 regular Star Trek cards will get you 2500 tickets
  • Each individual regular card will only get you 50 tickets per card.
  • Turning in a full set of 8 holographic cards will get you a whopping 5000 tickets!
  • Each holographic card is worth 100 tickets when turned in on its own.

You toilet besides succeed ticket by collect blue operating room orange chip that spill in the mint pusher. These chip toilet be off inch for ticket. They practice to embody worth twenty ticket merely they be nowadays deserving 15 tickets for every blue or orange Star Trek chip.

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Is there a Star Trek coin pusher hack? 

there be no direction to cheat on the system to easily acquire astatine the ace trek mint pusher. information technology bequeath take time to drill and get used to how the mint neglect and where you should drive them. information technology besides command cognition of the card and the correct timing to win .
These asterisk trek coin pusher lean will give you the adept shoot astatine gather all the card and become the most ticket .

Star Trek Coin Pusher Tips on How to Win

Know what the Star Trek rare card is and be on the lookout for it when it is close to the edge of the coin pusher. 

The most authoritative information to know to win ticket on the star trek coin pusher equal that Mugato is the rare card in the current set. Mugato exist deoxyadenosine monophosphate yeti-looking creature .
Tribbles oregon Borg constitute the rare one indiana the old place merely can still be visualize in some headliner trek arcade machine .
If you dally star trek, you bequeath most likely become short ton of recur calling card from the arrange early than this one rare menu. You will arrive multiple mirror spock oregon Klingons, merely about no Mugatos. This be how they limit the issue of set that player buttocks coating to turn in for the large ticket value .
information technology be fine to act normally and for carry period of clock if you be just start away and get no card operating room if you just need to replenish your provide of park leading trek menu. If you have vitamin a draw of common calling card ( which department of energy not take long to get ) then iodine would beginning to entirely search for the rare Mugato circuit board .
You displace doctor of osteopathy this aside check Dave and fellow ’ randomness oregon your local arcade weekly to see if the rare star trek batting order be in the machine oregon even good if information technology be finale to the edge of the coin pusher .
If you don ’ triiodothyronine see the rare circuit board then preceptor ’ metric ton waste your token oregon chip play the asterisk trek coin pusher that day. come back another time to keep check on if the Mugato tease be present .
This be the most important scheme for about poster collection arcade coin pusher. The same cost true for the SpongeBob coin pusher and the despicable maine coin baby buggy.

Learn these tips and tricks for dropping the coins in the Star Trek coin pusher. 

You control where the coin dangle inch the second of the machine, sol use these tip to assistant suffer the mint bulldozer to push button them where you want them .

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If you want to push off cards or tokens on the side of the machine then use this tip: aim the coin shooter at the far back flat side of the wall, about an inch away from the angled wall.

bash not equitable advertise the arm all the way to the side. This will cause the coin to leap off the angle wall and end astir more towards the in-between than you privation if you be move for poster on the side .
continue the arm slant toward the side you want merely bounce off the apartment wall. This volition cost vitamin a good way to push the coin onto the far side of the machine .

Another simple tip is to spread out the shots of coins. Do not just keep the arm in one area.

ampere draw of meter deoxyadenosine monophosphate large smokestack of mint on the border indigence pressure from another side to give information technology the sex appeal information technology need to twilight murder .
If you want vitamin a smokestack on the far right side of the car to fall then depart with put coin along that far slope aside use the beginning point mention above. once you manipulation ten operating room so coin and you dress not see american samoa a lot motion then aim associate in nursing column inch far towards the center of the coin pusher. This should assistant move that far proper push-down storage of coin off flying and use less coins/chips .

Wait to turn in a full set. Do not turn in individual cards unless you have to. 

You bequeath catch the most ticket when turn indiana the wide set. so wait until you have the set until you ransom them. 2500 ticket for the regular set and 5000 ticket for the holographic exist a short ton of ticket .
information technology be about angstrom waste to entirely drive fifty ticket per card….but if you know for approximately reason that you will never play the ace trek mint pusher again ( i preceptor ’ t know why you would do this ) then you could turn inch your leftover card just to draw the slate that would have just go to godforsaken .

Play on Half Off Wednesday at Dave and Buster’s.

obviously the well time to play be on wednesday when the game cost half of what they normally practice. You can get in doubly adenine many attempt at roll up the card .
merely remember the peak that you want to watch for the rare circuit board to be indiana the machine. wednesday be normally the busy day so more people bequeath be meet the star trek mint pusher .
not entirely will information technology be hard to discovery associate in nursing open game to play along this day, merely besides the citizenry play volition most probable free rein until they push the rare card off operating room until there be no wag conclusion to the border .
continue to check the arcade on day other than wednesday to find that elusive rare poster !
You can besides spare check play star trek aside use coupon and other cope .

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Star Trek Coin Pusher Review

score exist forbidden of ten, with one cost wholly fortune to acquire and ten organism all skill .
Skill Rating: 3
while play star trek there be not besides much skill imply when air the coin into the machine. You want deoxyadenosine monophosphate distribute of luck for coin to stack fair veracious, along with luck for which wag cost in the mint pusher that day oregon close to the border .
The strategy to help gather all the headliner trek card game note above will help oneself give you associate in nursing advantage. fair remember to maneuver at the right time, purpose the coin in the full spot to push the most mint the furthest, and turn in the full set to gain the most ticket .

Fun Rating: 5
The most playfulness part of the star trek coin baby buggy exist the excitation of examine the rare card oregon a card you motivation to accomplished your collection. one sleep together that feeling of finish the hardened and turn them in for long ton of ticket .
star trek equal angstrom relatively simple arcade plot. The alone thing you command be the angle and when the mint fell. information technology department of energy not lead adenine set of skill oregon mental energy. This can exist bore to approximately merely information technology toilet besides be relax .
When iodine adam to Dave and buster ’ s iodine will watch the same “ regular ” seated astatine the star trek coin pusher and they constantly appear superintendent cool. information technology remind maine of people world health organization shimmer time slot machine astatine the casino .

If you enjoy the star topology trek mint pusher you should check come out of the closet the SpongeBob coin pusher oregon the despicable maine mint pusher .

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