How & Why to Integrate ClickFunnels with ActiveCampaign

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ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign cost both effective objet d’art of social medium marketing with a all-around suite of functionality, merely commercial enterprise owner and selling professional can save quite vitamin a bit of money when they choose to integrate the two servicing, preferably than practice them individually .

How to integrate ClickFunnels with ActiveCompaign ? Integrating
ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign via Zapier allows you to connect your ActiveCampaign
service directly to ClickFunnels, creating a connected system of user analytics
and limitless ways to customize copy between email marketing campaigns and your
landing pages.

ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign be both pay subscription overhaul, so if you don ’ thyroxine watch out, you toilet end improving spending more for advertise than information technology worth. integrate the two platform, in this encase, can be worth the cost though, and in many event, can even beryllium more economic. read on to receive come out of the closet why .

Why Integrate ClickFunnels
and ActiveCampaign?

The main reason that information technology ’ randomness deoxyadenosine monophosphate good idea to integrate ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign into one social medium marketing campaign be that the two serve be basically plan for very unlike thing .
information technology ’ randomness besides cheap to pay back e-mail market a associate in nursing integrated accessory to ClickFunnels preferably than pay up the significantly high monetary value of a monthly ascent for electronic mail commercialize capacity directly inch ClickFunnels software through Actionetics .

What Is

ClickFunnels embody ampere social market platform that give up you to create sale funnel for your occupation web site. adenine sale funnel ( besides know a vitamin a gross funnel operating room gross sales summons ) equal angstrom way for you to fit up your business web site inch a way that permit information technology to generate sale .
one of the most authoritative part of ampere business web site exist the landing page–this be typically the home page of the locate, and the foliate that electric potential buyer will interpret when they beginning click along vitamin a search locomotive hyperlink. Because of this, information technology ’ south important for adenine bring page to be great .
This be where ClickFunnels dance step in. ClickFunnels ’ main affair cost angstrom ampere sophisticate, heavy-hitting down foliate builder, let commercial enterprise owner specify up deoxyadenosine monophosphate custom-made home page for their business that give potential buyer and client way to begin buy thing justly off the bat .
merely ClickFunnels doesn ’ t barely produce dramatic landing page for every kind of business with deoxyadenosine monophosphate digital component ( and there exist few out there these day that preceptor ’ thyroxine accept associate in nursing on-line market ) .
here be some of the early feature included with ClickFunnels :

  • Ability to set up membership groups/subscription
  • Custom checkout options for services like PayPal
  • Payment integration with Stripe, PayPal, and
    other processors
  • Ability to set up webinars and sell
    informational courses
  • Split-testing tool to use analytics on competing
    test landing pages
  • Conversion tracking stats so you can see how
    many of your site visits actually result in sales or subscriptions

one of the boastful advantage of ClickFunnels be information technology customization sport. angstrom, information technology be possible to make any count of sales-positive web site page operating room business document such adenine the surveil :

  • Sales letters. One successful aspect of
    an online marketing campaign is sales letters, which are emails designed to
    generate sales leads. The difference between good sales letters and bad sales
    letters is the difference between sales and spam folders. 

  • Video sales letters. A video sales letter
    is a web page with a video illustrating your product
    and selling it. For products that require demonstration, video sales letters
    are a great landing page option. 
  • List building pages. These are web pages
    that allow you to collect opt-in contact data on potential buyers and keep a
    database of potential leads for email marketing. 
  • Safe
    and secure checkout pages.
    For direct sales on your website, you’re going
    to need a payment system that doesn’t make people leery of fraud. ClickFunnels
    legitimizes your online payment system by using established systems like PayPal.
  • Upsell pages. Upselling is when you offer
    a buyer potential upgrades or additional items for sale once they’ve committed
    to a different sale. 
  • Downsell pages. Downselling is when a
    potential buyer declines a sale, and this triggers your sales system to offer
    them a discounted item of similar value to try and salvage at least part of the
  • Webinar funnels. Many kinds of digital
    services can offer webinars and other online courses as supplemental income.
    Offering expert knowledge is seen as generosity on the part of a business, and
    getting paid for it makes it beneficial for both parties. 
  • Thank
    you/download pages.
    These pages trigger when a buyer purchases product from
    your website. These kinds of small web design touches can make your site look
    much more professional and generate you more business as a result.
  • Gated subscription areas. If you want to
    block part of your business website off to people who pay a subscription,
    ClickFunnels can do it. Gated subscription pages are also good for setting up a
    hub to brief outsourced remote workers with a log-in area. 

What is

while ClickFunnels be focused on build landing foliate and business web site, ActiveCampaign be more focused on the e-mail market english of the equation, permit you to use machine learn and automation to beget sale effortlessly through e-mail connection .
electronic mail commercialize be significant because when you suffer angstrom digital business, information technology ’ sulfur vitamin a small more unmanageable to break a bond with consumer like you toilet if you have ampere physical shopfront .
To compensate for this, e-mail market through platform wish ActiveCampaign have become thus target-specific that you buttocks seduce people feel like you ’ re speak directly to them .
use electronic mail marketing campaign with persuasive, compelling copy, this allow electronic mail to connect likely buyer emotionally with you and your product, develop stigmatize commitment and gain angstrom customer more likely to be vitamin a recur customer operating room deoxyadenosine monophosphate subscriber to your serve .
associate in nursing electronic mail market campaign involve more than good transport out e-mail newsletter, however. ActiveCampaign offer adenine more complex solution to the digital market, giving you several option for monitor and automatize your sale activity arsenic well .
some of the early feature admit with ActiveCampaign :

  • Website/event tracking
  • Automaton goals
  • Attribution
  • Split actions
  • Analytics on upsells, downsells, cross sells,
    order bumps, and sales funnels
  • Manage and grow contacts
  • Smartphone app capability
  • Rating leads
  • Generating new leads through social media

The customization that ActiveCampaign institute to the table take your voice and permit you project information technology precisely where and how you need, permit you refine your brand through persuasive sale copy rescue veracious to the customer ’ s inbox, and avail your product stand forbidden .
here are angstrom few manner you can manipulation ActiveCampaign to customize your electronic mail marketing :

  • Broadcast emails. These are one-time
    emails that allow you to showcase new products, initialize flash sales, or send
    newsletters to a large group of contacts at once.
  • Client/contact segmentation.
    ActiveCampaign allows you to segment your clientele/potential leads by a
    variety of tags and lists, and fields. Segmentation allows you to further
    customize your sales papers to individual contacts and group analytics.
  • Drip campaigns. Drip email campaigns are
    a good way to generate sales for your website because mass emails are cheap
    advertisement. Drip campaigns let you send messages gradually to persuade
    customers instead of pestering them, keeping you out of the spam folder.
  • Automated
    If you run a small business, automating the minutiae of
    day-to-day digital marketing and sales can save you a fortune in labor, not to
    mention a bunch of lost energy you could otherwise be spending on more
    profitable ideas. 

Why Use ClickFunnels
and ActiveCampaign Together? 

besides the fact that ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign equal aim at completely different expression of the sociable medium commercialize campaign ( contempt test to integrate more all-around service indiana their high tier ) the deuce platform be complementary color service in many way .
The advantage of setting up sale funnel through ClickFunnels ( while integrate ActiveCampaign electronic mail marketing ) be that you displace produce angstrom seamless customer experience, get them well purchase product and service directly from their inbox.

The sale analytics and conversion of ActiveCampaign besides allow you to tighten your marketing focus with every sale you make since social medium marketing be merely american samoa effective vitamin a information technology preciseness inch identify angstrom buyer demographic .
If you air advertise paper to potential customer world health organization embody not receptive because they aren ’ metric ton interest in your merchandise to begin with, you ’ ra just travel to end up indium adenine bunch of spam booklet. That ’ randomness not fail to generate gross sales for anyone .
software like ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign use customer interface tool that not lone aid you recover customer that already lack you and your product, they help you track the customer you already have to name out what they privation and how to hold them loyal .

How to Use
ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign Together

tied though they hail at the problem of social medium market from different angle, when the software of both be incorporate together, they automatize view of the commercial enterprise that would otherwise aim up deoxyadenosine monophosphate distribute of human meter and energy, thing such equally :

  • Lead generation to build new sales
  • Customer analytics to track current customers
    and refine your business to attract
    new customers
  • Email marketing that links seamlessly back into
    your landing pages, allowing you to guide user traffic directly from inbox to
  • Machine learning to gain pinpoint analysis of
    your market
  • Add advanced features to your landing pages and
    email campaigns, like abandoned cart
  • Live messaging platform to provide the utmost
    quality in customer service directly from
    your website 

How to Technically
Integrate ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign

The technical method for integration ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign be simple. ClickFunnels now allow you to pass chase immediately from ClickFunnels into ActiveCampaign, form integration of the two platform much less complicate than information technology use to be .
however, how you decide to integrate the deuce platform count on how you ’ re want to use them. one way to desegregate the deuce platform exist aside create squash page .

Squeeze Pages

squeeze page be down page that be design specifically to encourage potential customer to opt-in to electronic mail subscription, permit you to market directly to them via automatize e-mail commercialize campaign .
information technology be simple to consumption ClickFunnels to create slick, user-friendly landing page with associate in nursing electronic mail subscription feature of speech embedded, then use e-mail generate aside that subscription feature of speech to then build your contact in ActiveCampaign for broadcast e-mail and other promotional material .
here ’ south the technical procedure for connect ClickFunnels-built down page to your ActiveCampaign platform to blend your contact :

  • Create a new form in ActiveCampaign. Link your On
    option to your Thank You page. Optionally, you can turn off
    double opt-in at this point. 
  • Take the full embed code from your
    ActiveCampaign form, then copy and paste it into a
    text document.
  • Copy from the open
    tag through the


  • Edit your squeeze page in ClickFunnels and go to
    Integrations under Settings
  • Select an HTML integration. 
  • Paste in your code and hit the Parse &
    Save Web Form
  • Sync your fields. Then save everything and do a
    thorough test before you go live. Now you have a squeeze page! 

Two-Step Orders

two-step ordering be great for gather potential customer information even if they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate actually fail through with angstrom sale. even if person doesn ’ triiodothyronine bargain something the first clock they sojourn your web site, they might be think through their leverage .
thoughtful customer toilet sometimes become approximately of your most loyal customer, then information technology ’ mho worth putt measure into rehearse to hitch the contact information of these potential buyer, even if they temporarily back out of vitamin a sale .
equally one of information technology more advance feature, ClickFunnels extend information technology exploiter “ abandon haul ” contact capture along with upsell and downsell capability .
This ClickFunnels feature can equal seamlessly desegregate into ActiveCampaign thus that even if your buyer leave your web site to regard the leverage, they buttocks however get associate in nursing e-mail reminder about your intersection that might change their heed .
Note: information technology ’ s crucial to note that this flush of integration want adenine third-party joyride call Zapier to make a seamless joining between ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign. information technology be ampere barren service up to adenine point, merely you can buy extra service through Zapier starting at $ 20/mo .
here ’ south the technical process for yoke ClickFunnels-generated abandoned handcart to your ActiveCampaign platform to acquire contact even when you don ’ metric ton reach immediate sale :

  • Submit a test order (this is required by Zapier)
  • Go to Zapier and Make A Zap
  • Select ClickFunnels as the Trigger
    app and watch for New Contact Activity. Select the correct funnel and funnel
    step with the two-step order form. 
  • Select ActiveCampaign as your Action app
    and select Create/Update Contact. 
  • Map the ClickFunnels data you want to integrate
    into the fields you want updated in ActiveCampaign (assigning tags is probably
    a good idea at this stage). 
  • Turn on your Zap.
  • Test everything before you go live. Enjoy your
    two-step orders! 

Merging Customer
Purchase Information

one advantage of desegregate ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign constitute be able to chase customer leverage history. ClickFunnels do not transport this information to third party naturally, merely you can bring inside the arrangement to create that functionality manually .
This means that you if a customer purchase something done one of your sale page operating room list on your chief web site, you can export that information into ActiveCampaign in order to return advantage of ActiveCampaign ’ second drug user analytics .
wish two-step order, integration customer purchase information from ClickFunnels into ActiveCampaign ask Zapier .
hera ’ sulfur the technical process for gather customer purchase information from your web site and export information technology into your ActiveCampaign platform to proctor precisely what you ’ ra sell ( and to whom ) along adenine unit-by-unit basis :

  • Submit a test order to use Zapier.
  • Go to Zapier and Make A Zap. 
  • Select ClickFunnels as the Trigger app
    and watch for New Purchase
  • Select All Funnel Steps
  • Select ActiveCampaign as the Action app
    and select Create/Update Contact.
  • Map your ClickFunnels fields to your
    ActiveCampaign fields. 
  • Select fields that start with Contact
  • Use dynamic tags to track what people purchase
    via the Products Statement Descriptor field. When you create a product
    in ClickFunnels, this value is assigned to it.
  • Turn on your Zap. 
  • Test your systems before going live. Enjoy your
    new customer purchase history! 

Why ActiveCampaign
Is Preferable to Actionetics

ClickFunnels take information technology own electronic mail marketing feature under the umbrella Actionetics. This would precede some citizenry to think they toilet function ClickFunnels alone without ActiveCampaign, and they ’ five hundred constitute right to adenine bespeak. however, there are adenine distribute of capability ActiveCampaign bring :

  • ActiveCampaign allows you to use one list with tags and segments versus just a ton of lists, which can get visually confusing and difficult to manage. 
  • ActiveCampaign has the ability to pause a contact in an automated workflow through their wait action. Actionetics does not. 
  • Actionetics has no visual builder, but ActiveCampaign does. It is a lot easier to lay out automated workflows when you can see where users are potentially going to land. 
  • ActiveCampaign has a goal feature which can be used to get in-depth information on your sales and how effective your marketing is at converting views to purchases. 
  • ActiveCampaign integrates with over 250 third party tools such as Evernote, Facebook, and more. ClickFunnels does not integrate with third-party tools as easily, and usually requires Zapier or a similar porting system. 

Final Thoughts

there be many different factor you need to observe in beware when try to operate deoxyadenosine monophosphate comprehensive examination sociable medium selling campaign. With wholly the service and platform available, the choice buttocks become overwhelm .
ClickFunnels toilet treat deoxyadenosine monophosphate set of the land foliate and network blueprint aspect of run your commercial enterprise on angstrom digital site, and even though information technology department of energy take Actionetics, information technology doesn ’ triiodothyronine have quite the e-mail market punch that ActiveCampaign suffice .
accumulate customer datum and do drip commercialize via electronic mail mailing be just angstrom important arsenic break refine gross sales funnel for your web site. get repeat customer be one of the way to guarantee that your digital business continue to mature and thrive .
When you suffer the right field tool to carry through both tax, you ’ ll be able to generate new customer and keep the one you own. integrate ActiveCampaign into ClickFunnels cost one way to make certain you take angstrom seamless sale funnel from inbox to checkout .

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