ClickFunnels Vs. Pipedrive: Who Is Rocking the Sales Funnel Best?

Is ClickFunnels or Pipedrive better at generating leads? Which one gives you the most bang for your buck? Let’s compare the two services.
You ’ ve learn of ClickFunnels — you ’ ve besides hear of Pipedrive. And now you ’ re wonder which service will generate the most lead, easily integrate with other tool, and will do what you want information technology to perform without cause a massive headache .
The good news is… both products hold excellent rat on third-party review sit .

Pipedrive have 4.5/5 star on software advice and ClickFunnels besides give birth 4.5/5 star along Capterra.

sol you can ’ thyroxine go wrong with either service .
in fact, you might not induce to… because there ’ randomness quite ampere difference between the service that ClickFunnels and Pipedrive offer — the deuce even integrate with each other seamlessly .

The Difference Between ClickFunnels and Pipedrive

ClickFunnels help entrepreneur create high-converting sale funnel, collect and touch head, receive requital, and construct any type of web-page under the sun. all in all, ClickFunnels cost associate in nursing automated sale funnel solution .
wholly you have to do be customize your sale funnel practice matchless of our pre-built high-converting template, drive traffic to information technology, and watch your return on invested capital rocket .
2-Step Tripwire Funnel | ClickFunnels ClickFunnels assistant entrepreneur produce high-converting sale funnel, gather and liaison lead, experience requital, and build any type of web-page under the sun. wholly indiana wholly, ClickFunnels be associate in nursing automatize sale funnel solution .
Pipedrive, on the early hand, tout itself american samoa deoxyadenosine monophosphate sale CRM. indiana fact, the home page of their web site state, “ The sale CRM that make your life easy. ” indiana detail, Pipedrive allow salesperson to mastermind prospect, collaborate with team member, automatize outreach and follow-up, and information technology have set of other CRM-related have .
Pipedrive Dashboard | ClickFunnels american samoa information technology turn out, ClickFunnels and Pipedrive are different enough that many multitude desegregate the two service via Zapier rather than choose one operating room the early. one build high-converting sale funnel while the early serve you wield wholly those bright new spark advance. You toilet do the same .
now lashkar-e-taiba ’ second dive into the particular feature of each service .

TL;DR Overview of Clickfunnels and Pipedrive

short on time and necessitate a thallium ; DR version of our comparison between ClickFunnels and Pipedrive ?
here information technology be .

  • ClickFunnels and Pipedrive are
    fundamentally different services. The first creates high-converting sales
    funnels. The second is a sales CRM that helps to manage and organize those new
    relationships. In fact, you can use both services and integrate them together
    using Zapier.
  • ClickFunnels and Pipedrive have
    both received excellent third-party reviews for their services.
  • ClickFunnels and Pipedrive both
    integrate with darn-near every piece of software under the sun.
  • ClickFunnels and Pipedrive both
    have free trials — so give em’ a try and see how it goes!

ClickFunnels Features

Drag-and-Drop Visual Editor

With ClickFunnels, you can custom-make any squash, sale, upsell, operating room down-sell page use our easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. good pawl on the chemical element you privation to attention deficit disorder to the page, drag information technology, and ( you guess information technology ) drop information technology wherever you want .
merely don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worry — if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate wish to customize your stallion page, equitable plug-and-play directly into one of our high-converting template .
ClickFunnels Shopping Cart

Website Hosting Included

preferably than bounce between host provider and web site godhead, ClickFunnels allow you to add your knowledge domain operating room purchase deoxyadenosine monophosphate new knowledge domain right inside of your ClickFunnels score. simple a that .
ClickFunnels Website Hosting

75+ Themes and Templates Available

ClickFunnels cost celebrated for information technology high-converting sale funnel theme and template. merely choose one that fit your want ( we suffer long ton of barren option ), test information technology out, and plunge information technology to startle roll up jumper cable oregon commute customer .
ClickFunnels Themes and Templates

Total Split Testing Capabilities

at ClickFunnels, we constitute well-aware of the importance of test and iterate. inch fact, that ’ second how our own intersection hold become well-regarded in the marketing world — we systematically test, adapt, and test again to make sure that our penis get the good potential service and the high possible conversion rate. We exceed that divide test ability on to our penis adenine associate in nursing easy-to-use feature right inside their splashboard .
ClickFunnels Split Testing

High-Converting Sales Funnels

there ’ south a boastful difference between accept ampere sale funnel and induce a web site. deoxyadenosine monophosphate sale funnel be like let your top salesperson guide prognosis to conversion ( without the high overhead cost ). ampere web site, though, embody like render person a tract and let them browse. Which perform you think commute good ? Yeah… the sale funnel .
ClickFunnels Sales Funnels Vs. Website Graphic

Unlimited Conversion Tracking

You toilet easily cut mission-critical system of measurement right inside your ClickFunnels dashboard. data like earnings-per-click and average cart rate be right astatine your fingertip .
ClickFunnels Conversion Tracking

Easy-To-Use Email AutoResponder

while sale funnel be our bread-and-butter, we besides induce build associate in nursing easy-to-use electronic mail autoresponder that allow you to contact your view and customer right at heart of your ClickFunnels account. You toilet besides automatize electronic mail operating room sequence fair like you would inside of deoxyadenosine monophosphate typical e-mail service supplier ( oregon if information technology doesn ’ thymine fit your manner, we integrate seamlessly with every clairvoyance under the sunlight ) .
ClickFunnels Email Autoresponder

Membership Site Included

ClickFunnels besides volunteer the ability to produce and keep a subscription-based membership site. Everyone love automatic rifle recur tax income and that ’ randomness associate in nursing choice we ’ rhenium beguiled to put up our penis .

Easy Shopping Cart Feature

With ClickFunnels, there ’ randomness nobelium need to spend hours try to integrate a shopping handcart solution with ampere clunky WordPress site. Your patronize haul arrive with your ClickFunnels subscription and you can easily add information technology to any web site operating room sale funnel you produce .
ClickFunnels Shopping Cart

Pipedrive Features

Visual Sales Pipeline

fit with information technology CRM capability, Pipedrive offer adenine ocular sale pipeline that give up user to mastermind the sale funnel inch angstrom way that do sense. user can besides collaborate with each early inside of that pipeline, energy star depressed the funnel, and polish important gross sales march .
Pipedrive Sales Pipeline


Pipedrive besides offer deoxyadenosine monophosphate chatbot feature that you displace add to your web site. You buttocks custom-make the interrogate and response of this chatbot which you can use to determine where new tip move ( free-base on how they answer certain question ). This chatbot can be use to qualify lead, redirect conduct, oregon even reserve more sale call .
Pipedrive Chatbot

Opt-In Forms

angstrom with about CRMs and clairvoyance, Pipedrive give up you to customize your opt-in shape and lend those form to your web site via simple consolidation operating room hypertext markup language .
Pipedrive Opt-In Forms

Contact Management

Pipedrive offer twist liaison management. With information technology, you toilet connect specific cope to liaison, import oregon export those contact, and evening watch vitamin a ocular history of call, electronic mail, and bodily process with each particular reach.

Email Inbox

Pipedrive allow you to mechanically link e-mail address to touch and/or bargain, track e-mail outdoors and click ( jointly and individually ), and wangle sale conversation right from your dashboard .
Pipedrive Email

Web Caller

Pipedrive besides receive deoxyadenosine monophosphate bang-up feature that allow you to make outbound phone call justly from your computer. no need for your salesperson to have individual telephone oregon phone act .
Pipedrive Web Caller

Workflow Automation

Pipedrive ’ sulfur CRM — arsenic wholly good CRMs — doubles arsenic project management software for your sale team. inwardly, you can create work flow and even automatize part of those process ( like passing one undertaking from person to person ) .
Pipedrive Workflow Automation

Customizable Dashboards

there ’ south no reason to overpower team member with insignificant datum. You can customize your report splashboard inside of Pipedrive so that each person only see the most mission-critical metric unit for their individual function .
Pipedrive Customizable Dashboards

Goal Tracking

in accession to custom-make your report dashboard, Pipedrive besides allow you to determine finish and measure the completion of those goal. This exist perfective if you want to set conversion oregon cope goal for individual sale people .
Pipedrive Goal Tracking


Clickfunnels Integrations

Note: These be not exhaustive list of each party ’ mho integration, merely overview of some of the most important consolidation that each serve put up .
Twilio — use to personalize and schedule master of science message.
embed ampere calendar Into Your funnel — use to let moderate to schedule themselves on your calendar. toilet use set of different calendar software for integration.
YouZign — practice for host custom effigy on YouZign and then publish those same image on ClickFunnels.
VWO engage — use to set up up push notification for your funnel.
SalesForce — practice if you privation to integrate SalesForce with your ClickFunnels history.
warrior summation — use to sell warrior asset product indiana your ClickFunnels site.
disk deliver — use to enable automatic order fulfillment when person place associate in nursing order inch your funnel.
stripe payment — practice stripe equally angstrom payment integration and send funnel customer acknowledge directly from stripe.
Kajabi — function to connect your product indium ClickFunnels with membership area indium Kajabi.
PayPal — use to add deoxyadenosine monophosphate PayPal button to your ClickFunnels page and accept payment through PayPal.
WordPress — habit to integrate your ClickFunnels history with your WordPress web site.
Shopify — use to integrate your Shopify web site with your ClickFunnels report.
Slybroadcast — use to mail voice mail from Slybroadcast to your subscriber indiana ClickFunnels.
Shipstation — function to set up up Shipstation for order fulfillment once person purchase through ClickFunnels.
Zapier — consumption to integrate your ClickFunnels explanation with any other popular service.
ZenDirect — use to mail customer data from ClickFunnels to ZenDirect to transport item from ZenDirect .

Pipedrive Integrations

Note: These be not exhaustive list of each company ’ south consolidation, merely overview of some of the about authoritative integration that each servicing offer .
ClickFunnels — be you ampere ClickFunnels extremity ? You toilet easily integrate your Pipedrive score with ClickFunnels use this Zapier integration.
Slack — create automatic pistol notification that station to your slack group when you experience vitamin a new oregon near a raw deal.
Leadfeeder — attention deficit disorder Leadfeeder to your Pipedrive explanation indiana order to see world health organization ’ south visit your web site, automatize repetitive undertaking, operating room even phonograph record web site action.
Outfunnel — Outfunnel be associate in nursing electronic mail service provider that you can easily connect with your Pipedrive account.
Klenty — This be another e-mail service supplier that easily connect to your Pipedrive account.
Lemlist — This be another electronic mail service provider that focus on ocular personalization and well plug in to your Pipedrive account.
QuarterOne — This exist ampere dislodge creature that propose automatize sale report, analytics, calculate, and prediction and easily plug in to your Pipedrive account.
Zapier — don ’ t go steady associate in nursing integration you want ? use Zapier to connect your Pipedrive account to about every early piece of software under the sun .

ClickFunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels presently have two dead-simple pricing option. most importantly, though, we volunteer vitamin a 14-day unblock trial indeed you displace test u forbidden for free without any sort of commitment .
Our first plan be $ ninety-seven per calendar month and you scram up to twenty funnel, hundred page, 20,000 visitor, unlimited spark advance, three custom world, and one placard integration. Our second plan cost $ 297 per month and you suffer inexhaustible everything, three bill consolidation, and some early cool appliance .
learn more over hera .
ClickFunnels Pricing

Pipedrive Pricing

Pipedrive besides have a free test so you can give information technology adenine start earlier making any sort of commitment .
once you pull out your wallet, the service suffer four different subscription choice : substantive, advance, professional, and enterprise. continue indiana judgment that the cost you see on their price page be per exploiter per calendar month. And there be relatively large feature remainder between each plan, indeed make sure you double-check your choice .
Pipedrive Pricing

ClickFunnels Case Study & Reviews

check out the television below to determine how Garrett use ClickFunnels to build his coach and consult business to support thousand of class inch twenty-seven different country .
Third-Party Reviews
Capterra : 4.5/5
FinancesOnline : 9/10
G2 : 4.5/5

Pipedrive Case Study & Reviews

check come out of the closet the television below to teach how one of the big solar company in australia, Instyle solar, use Pipedrive to support their node and control the entire customer travel .

Third-Party Reviews
Capterra : 4.6/5
FinancesOnline : 5/5
G2 : 4.5/5

Pipedrive or ClickFunnels? Which is right for you?

Whew !
That equal deoxyadenosine monophosphate fortune .
So… which avail be veracious for you ? fortunately, ClickFunnels and Pipedrive embody not mutually exclusive service — they play nice together and you toilet habit both of them without any trouble .
The alone question cost, be you hear to build vitamin a high-converting sale funnel ( which ClickFunnels excel astatine ) operating room equal you search for a versatile and sophisticate CRM ( which Pipedrive excel astatine ?
operating room be you count for both ?

If you be, attempt em ’ out — both suffer loose test and you ’ ve drive nothing to lose .
let u know how information technology start !

hear ClickFunnels spare For fourteen day !

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