The Cent Test TikTok A Simple Trick to Save Money and Possibly Win Big

The Cent Test TikTok: Tricks to Cut Costs and Win Big


We all relish tests, especially those that benefit our finances. The Cent Test TikTok is one of those exams that is presently revolving on social media. It’s an exceptional method to economize and possibly win big. In this article, we’ll delve into the Cent Test TikTok, how it functions, and several pointers to make the exam excel.

What is the Cent Test TikTok?

As the label suggests, the Cent Test TikTok entails amassing cents daily for a year. The exam entails beginning with one cent on day one, two cents on day two, three cents on day three, and so forth. By the conclusion of the year, you would have hoarded a total of $667.95.

How to Get Started?

Starting the Cent Test is uncomplicated. All you need is a bottle or a money-box, or anything where you can collect your cents. Then, follow the chart beneath, which displays how many cents you need to amass daily.

Day 1:


Day 2:


Day 3:


Day 4:


Day 5:


Day 6:


Day 7:


Day 8:


Day 9:


Day 10:


Day 11:


Day 12:


Day 13:


Day 14:


Day 15:


Day 16:


Day 17:


Day 18:


Day 19:


Day 20:


Day 21:


Day 22:


Day 23:


Day 24:


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