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Thousands of Rare Coins Go into Circulation this April

By Rajesh Khunt | April 10, 2019 To celebrate National Coin Week ( April 21-27 ), more than 200 members of the group Coin Dealers Helping Coin Dealers will place thousands of old coins—from century-old indian Head and early Lincoln cents to vintage silver medal dimes and quarters and older composition money—into circulation around the US in The great american english Coin Hunt.

The Great American Coin Hunt
In what ’ s being called the biggest coin drop in american history, the goals of The great american Coin Hunt are to inspire a new genesis of coin collectors and dealers, increase traffic to local ma and pop coin shops, and gain national media attention about coin collect as a hobby and profession. Coins will be put into circulation at dozens of locations around the US including grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants. many participants have already posted those locations and more are expected to add cliff points, although it ’ sulfur rigorously voluntary. The demand locations are pinpointed on this map.

Besides spending the coins, some will be hidden in places where they can be found with a metallic detector. And while no million-dollar items will be dropped, some of the dealers will put specially check coins with hologram stickers on them. When these coins are found, gem hunters will be able to take the coins to a participating dealer listed on the great american Coin Hunt web site. That trader will trade the stickered token for a true rare coin with a Red Book value of up to $ 100. Coins can besides be redeemed through the capital american Coin Hunt web site if there ’ s no participating dealer nearby. There ’ south besides a possibility that alleged “ fortunate tickets ” worth much more may be added, so be surely to check your deepen. No telling what you might find.

To learn more, visit, and you can follow the hunt on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram under the hashtag # GreatAmericanCoinHunt

Collecting for Fun and Profit
National Coin Week is an annual promotion by the American Numismatic Association to increase public awareness of coin collect. The reasons for becoming a coin collector can be many, but ultimately, they come down to merely enjoying it. True, it can be a profitable hobby, but much of the joy of collecting comes in the exhilarate and atonement of the hunt. And The bang-up american Coin Hunt adds another layer of agitation to the march.

Regardless of whether you ’ re a season collector or barely getting started, The big american Coin Company® has a wide survival of collectible coins and currentness. Our best advice is to buy the highest grade of any mint you can afford, consistent with your collecting goals. then, as your collection fills out, attend for opportunities to upgrade as you keep your eye on the stream market.

Be sure to browse the excerpt of collectible U.S. and extraneous coins and banknotes available on-line from The capital american Coin Company. We keep adding items as they become available, so visit us frequently. And while you ’ re there, be certain to check out our web log
for interesting and timely articles about coins, currency and precious metals.

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