The Truth About Pennys Storyline in Bojack Horseman Exploring the Controversial Themes of Sexual Abuse and the Cyclical Nature of Abuse

The genuine lore of Penny from Bojack Horseman that you were not aware of


Bojack Horseman is a prevalent animated dark comedy that aired on Netflix. It revolves around the life of a self-destructive, washed-up Hollywood performer, Bojack Horseman, who struggles to find sense in his life, relationships, and profession. One of the significant characters in the show is Penny, Bojack’s kind-of daughter from his former partner, Charlotte. Penny’s story, in particular, has been the topic of discussions and debates, and this article aims to give a thorough analysis of her character.

Who is Penny?

Penny is a juvenile girl who initially shows up in the Season One, Episode Twelve of Bojack Horseman. She is portrayed as an aspiring photographer who is intriguingly interested in Bojack, her former mom’s ex-partner. Penny moves with her family to their cabin, which is adjoining to Bojack’s ranch- creating an opportunity for Bojack to spend more time with her. The two share a convoluted connection that is both affectionate, yet slightly disturbing. Penny’s character illustrates a teenage girl who is trying to find her place in this world and eventually falls for Bojack’s refinement. While Bojack is more enticed towards her mother, Charlotte, for the most part, he still finds himself gravitated towards Penny.

The polemic surrounding Penny’s character:

Penny’s character has been the topic of discussions and controversies ever since it appeared on the show. Several people were outraged by her tale, as it illustrated troubling themes such as sexual abuse and rape. The show’s framers, however, protected her existence, indicating that it was a daring move to depict such themes and that it was an essential component of Bojack’s character development.

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The importance of Penny’s saga:

Penny’s storyline is significant in the overall narrative of Bojack Horseman in several ways. Firstly, it highlights Bojack’s intricate persona, who is both a casualty and a perpetrator of sexual misconduct. Secondly, it portrays the cyclical nature of abuse and how it can ruin multiple lives. Penny’s decision to pursue a romantic relationship with Bojack originates from her feeling deserted by her father and the family’s consequent relocation to the cabin. Thirdly, Penny’s storyline emphasizes how vulnerable young girls can fall prey to predatory men who use their power and manipulation to take advantage of them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Was Penny’s storyline essential in Bojack Horseman?

A1. Yes, it was an indispensable component of Bojack’s character development and depicted the cyclical nature of abuse.

Q2. Did the creators legitimize Penny’s storyline?

A2. Yes, the creators defended her existence, indicating that it was a bold move to illustrate such themes and that it was vital to showcase the show’s intricate narrative.

Q3. Was Penny a victim of pedophilia?

A3. No, Penny was not a victim of pedophilia. Nevertheless, Bojack’s actions can be construed as inappropriate and disturbing.

Q4. What is the significance of Penny’s character in the show?

A4. Penny’s character illustrates a young girl who is trying hard to find her place in the world, and her storyline highlights the cyclical nature of abuse and the devastating impact it can have on multiple lives.

Q5. Was Penny’s character polemical?

A5. Yes, Penny’s character drew a lot of controversy due to its depiction of sexual abuse and statutory rape themes.

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Penny from Bojack Horseman is one of the most contentious characters in the show’s history. Her storyline depicts the cyclical nature of abuse and the havoc it can wreck on multiple lives. While her presence on the show has caused controversy, it is an integral part of Bojack’s character development and portrayal of the harsh realities of the entertainment industry. The show’s creators protected her existence, indicating that it was a courageous move to depict such themes and that it was vital to show the show’s intricate narrative. Penny’s story will continue to be the topic of discussions and debates, and it remains an essential part of Bojack Horseman’s heritage.

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