The Ultimate Guide to Dollar General Secret Bargain Hunting Tips and Tricks for Finding Penny Products in 2021

The Ultimate Handbook to Dollar General Secret Bargain Hunting in 2021

What is Dollar General Secret Bargain Hunting?

Dollar General secret bargain hunting is when commodities in the store are put up for sale for one cent, making them almost gratis. However, bargain hunting is not publicized by the store, and most individuals are not cognizant that it exists. Penny products are commonly ones that did not vend throughout their seasonal time and are marked out of stock. They are additionally commodities that Dollar General is no longer vending or that have been terminated.

How Do You Find Penny Products at Dollar General?

Penny products are not displayed on the shelves at Dollar General but are commonly discovered in cardboard cartons. You require to watch for commodities with yellow tags, as these are the items that are commonly on sale. Penny products are similarly not stocked in high traffic areas, which denotes you have to do some rummaging. A few of the best sites to discover penny products are the clearance sections, seasonal sections, and end caps.

Tips for Successful Secret Bargain Hunting at Dollar General

If you are unaccustomed to secret bargain hunting, there are a few things you require to know to make the most out of it. Below are some clues to follow for triumphant secret bargain hunting at Dollar General:

  1. Exercise forbearance – Secret bargain hunting necessitates a lot of patience. You may have to scour through multiple cartons to uncover penny products.
  2. Don’t be intimidated to ask for aid – The Dollar General staff can be accommodating in pointing out where to discover penny products.
  3. Learn the color codes – It’s crucial to learn the color codes for the tags. Yellow tags signify an item may be a penny. Red tags indicate a final markdown price. Green tags indicate commodities that are 50% off.
  4. Shop timely – Shop in the morning for the best possibility of discovering penny products that were missed the day before.
  5. Be unobtrusive – Don’t bring attention to yourself as secret bargain hunting is not formally authorized by Dollar General.
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  1. Can I exploit coupons on penny products?
    Ans: No, you cannot exploit coupons on penny products.
  2. Can I reimburse penny products?
    Ans: No, you cannot repay penny products.
  3. Can I appeal to Dollar General employees to search for penny products for me?
    Ans: No, you cannot request employees to seek penny products for you.
  4. How can I discover which products are going to be discounted to a penny?
    Ans: You cannot find out which commodities are going to be discounted to a penny.
  5. Can I bargain hunt at all Dollar General stores?
    Ans: Yes, you can bargain hunt at any Dollar General store.


Dollar General secret bargain hunting is an outstanding way to save money on your daily shopping. With patience, practice, and a wee bit of luck, you can discover commodities for merely one penny. Ensure you follow the hints above for successful secret bargain hunting at Dollar General. Recall, secret bargain hunting is a stealthy trick, so be unobtrusive and rejoice in the savings.

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