The Ultimate Guide to the 1864 Cent History, Value, and Tips for Authenticity

1864 Cent: An Extensive Manual

If you are an enthusiast of coins, then you must have learned about the 1864 cent. Not only is this currency scarce in quantity, but it also retains a significant spot in the past. In this essay, we will provide you with an extensive guide to the 1864 cent. From its history to worth, we cover everything you need to grasp about this memorable coin.

The Past of the 1864 Cent

The 1864 cent was the original coin to have the expression “In God We Trust” marked on it. Amidst the Civil War, the United States needed more coins, and consequently, the 1864 cent was manufactured. The design of the coin highlights the picture of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th Chief Executive of the United States.

The 1864 cent was produced in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and even in Confederate-regulated New Orleans. The penny from New Orleans is the rarest and most precious of the 1864 cents. It was fabricated in restricted numbers because of the blockage of the Confederate states.

How to Differentiate an 1864 Cent

There are a few things to search for when judging an 1864 cent. Firstly, the coin must have the year “1864” distinctively apparent on the front. The back of the coin should have the expressions “One Cent” and the phrase “In God We Trust.” The mint mark can be found on the rear aspect of the coin.

The Value of an 1864 Cent

The value of an 1864 cent depends on a few factors, such as the form of the coin, where it was molded, and other distinctive features. The cents minted in New Orleans are the most priceless and can be worth up to $250,000. The cents minted in San Francisco are also valuable, with some worth over $1,000.

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If you plan on purchasing an 1864 cent, it is essential to purchase from a reputable dealer. There are many counterfeit metals on the market, and it can be difficult to differentiate between a genuine and bogus coin.


Q: Why is the 1864 cent so valuable?

A: The 1864 cent is valuable due to its scarcity, historical importance, and restricted molding.

Q: How can I differentiate if my 1864 cent is authentic?

A: You can differentiate if your 1864 cent is authentic by looking for particular recognizing markers and purchasing from a trustworthy dealer.

Q: Can I market my 1864 cent on eBay?

A: Yes, you can trade your 1864 cent on eBay, but it is necessary to be careful and employ secure marketing practices.

Q: What is the disparity between an 1864 cent and a contemporary penny?

A: The principal variance between an 1864 cent and a modern penny is the design and the value. Modern pennies are not forged of copper.

Q: Can I clean my 1864 cent?

A: It is not suggested to clean your 1864 cent as it could damage the coin and abate its value.


In conclusion, the 1864 cent is a costly and historically significant coin. It was the initial coin to feature the phrase “In God We Trust” and is a beloved item among coin enthusiasts. If you plan on purchasing an 1864 cent, it is vital to execute your analysis and purchase from a reputable dealer. This coin is a piece of the past and should be handled with care and esteem.

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