6 tips to help you prepare for an interview

two people in a job interview By the time you get to an interview, the employer has already decided that you meet the minimal qualifications for the position. Your interview is an opportunity for you both to evaluate if you will be a effective fit. It ’ s your casual to highlight your experiences, personality and potential. Whether your interview is in person or happening about, here are some tips to help you prepare and feel confident .

Do your research

Employers love to see that you ’ ve taken clock to get to know their company. You might even be asked a few specific questions about the company, so it ’ mho best to do inquiry before your consultation .
Read the “ about ” section of their web site or party web log to learn about their values and recent news program. Check their social media accounts to see what they ’ ra share. Be familiar with the occupation position description and team, and how you might fit. If possible, it can be helpful to know more about the people you ’ re interviewing with adenine well. You can search for ship’s company staff on their web site or LinkedIn. This research can help you talk about how your experiences and skills can benefit the party and the function you are interviewing for .
You can besides research companies on Handshake and Glassdoor. These tools offer an interview incision where past interviewees share insight and model questions from actual interviews at the ship’s company. This can give you some hints about a ship’s company ’ mho interviewing style and lease serve.

Prepare answers to commonly asked questions

It ’ s impossible to know precisely what questions will be asked. But you can still prepare responses to commonly asked interview questions. Write out your responses with cardinal points you want to communicate to keep your answers concise and easy to follow. Include some concrete examples that highlight your talents .
Incorporating stories into your answers is besides great for demonstrating your strengths. For exemplar, rather than saying you are very organized, you could plowshare how you helped your scholar group organize an event and what the consequence was. To do this, try forming your responses with the START method :

  • Situation: Provide an overview of the situation (time/place), being specific and succinct.
  • Task: Explain the task or goal you worked on as it relates to the skill they asked about.
  • Action: Describe your actions and the steps you took.
  • Result: Describe the outcome, if possible. This is your time to take credit for your work or show what you learned.
  • Tie it back: Summarize how the story demonstrates your strengths and relates to the job that you’re interviewing for.

Address your weaknesses

No matchless is arrant, and you don ’ t have to pretend to be in front of a potential newly foreman. Anything negative that you mention in an interview can be spun to show that it was a point of learning and growth .
Mention the weakness, provide an exercise and share particular ways you are working on or around this helplessness. What did you learn from the position ? How would you handle it differently moving ahead ? This takes practice, so it ’ second helpful to prepare your reception to this interview ahead of clock .

Practice out loud

After you ’ ve prepared some responses and START stories, try practicing them out loud. Whether you practice by yourself in presence of a mirror, with a ally or with a career development adviser, this is a big way to feel more confident and organize before your interview.

You can besides use on-line consultation cooking tools like InterviewStream. This portal site records your responses to random pre-recorded interview questions, or you can create a customize interview. only you can see your responses unless you want feedback from your peers, industry professionals or a career development adviser .

Think of your own questions

An interview is a bipartisan street. just as they are asking questions to learn about you, you should ask questions to be certain this is the right field problem for you. If you don ’ thymine come prepare with questions, the interviewer might assume you haven ’ t done your inquiry or you ’ re not interested. You can ask about the daily responsibilities of the job, the company culture or important qualities needed to excel in the position .

Get organized

If you have a virtual consultation, become familiar with the platform you are using ( Zoom, Google Meet, etc. ) to avoid technical issues. Test your television camera and microphone. Find a placid location where you won ’ thymine be interrupted, and make indisputable there ’ mho nothing distracting in your background .
If you have an in-person interview, plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early. Bring along any necessary materials ( your list of questions, paper, a pen, copies of your resume, transcripts, references, extra samples of your work, etc. ).

Be sure to present yourself professionally, including what you choose to wear. This doesn ’ metric ton mean you need to wear a suit, but make sure the clothes you wear reflect the job you want. even with a virtual interview, it ’ randomness best to dress up from head to toe. You never know if you ’ ll necessitate to stand up during your conversation .
ultimately, take some prison term before your interview to put your mind at facilitate. Try a short-change guide meditation or baron present before your interview to feel loosen and confident .
For more tips to help you with your job or internships search, check out weekly programs and workshops from Career Services. These free workshops will share best practices for resumes, making build up in your search ( particularly during challenging times ) and more .

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