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The TLOS keepsake was created in 2018 when the network genesis snapshot was taken. The genesis snapshot derived from the EOS network, with accounts capped at 40,000 TLOS. This was done to curb the electric potential of “ whale investors ” and keep ownership fairly distributed. 330,753,222 TLOS total were created in this initial snapshot. 12 million of these initial tokens were distributed to the Telos Founders Rewards Pool and Telos Foundation. This allowed the network to launching in a grassroots manner, without any ICO or Venture Capital fund. This is a rarity in many modern blockchains, but a necessity for DPoS networks to be rightfully decentralized. initially the network paid Block Producers through ostentation of provide. however, this was halted in the summer of 2019, when the Telos Economic Development Plan 1.0 ( TEDP1 ) was passed .

TLOS Reserves

With TEDP1 the community decided to halt TLOS add inflation, capping the sum supply at 355,208,370.6674 TLOS. rather of creating newly tokens, the community agreed to pay for network operations through the Exchange Token Reserve Fund ( ). These tokens were created for exchanges to retrieve on behalf of their customers, but never claimed.

finally, when funds are exhausted from the Exchange Token Reserve Fund, the network will be funded by the TLOSrecovery account. These are funds created for possible account holders that were besides never claimed. There is adequate fund in these reserves to last until 2024 at the current payout rate. however, the funds are expected to last a lot longer through tokenomic amendments which can be enacted by the community. Because the network is funded by reserves, the circulating supply increases overtime but the amount of TLOS in being does not. once all reserves are exhausted, the community may decide to introduce inflation of issue at a abject rate that is beneficial to everyone. alternatively, the net may be funded by charging for certain agio services. All of this is in the hands of the stakeholders, in a truly decentralize way .

Funded Bodies

The TLOS Reserves offer funding to several accounts on a unconstipated basis, as decided upon by stakeholders. These accounts and their purposes are as follows :

Validators (eosio.bpay) – < 900,000 TLOS/month

Validators, besides known as Block Producers, are the ones maintaining the Telos network ’ second daybook and validating the transactions as they come in. Anyone can set up a validate node, but merely the exceed 42 jam producers voted by the stakeholder community, receive payment along with a province for performing active network operations. The top 42 validators consist of 21 “ active ” validators, handling most of the transactions, and a age group of 21 “ understudy ” producers that are regularly tested to serve as a back-up. Elections are tallied approximately every 2.5 minutes, meaning that the rankings of Validators can change at any time. A maximum of ~ 900,000 TLOS a month is distributed towards the validators. active validators can receive a maximal of 28,000 TLOS every month, while standby block producers receive half of that, during that lapp time time period. The latest TBNOA switch that passed, regarding the network validators ‘ pay, can be found here, an elaborate explanation of the same can be read hera.

Economic Development Fund (econdevfunds) – 150,000 TLOS/month

The economic development store is use to pay for expenses that are determined by the Block Producers to be beneficial for the network. budget decisions are decided upon via a majority multisig vote of active BPs, provided that the total measure of funds disbursed does not exceed 5,260,000 TLOS per month .

Telos Foundation (tf) – 700,000 TLOS/month

The Telos Foundation is an apolitical organization with a deputation to aid in the promotion and improvement of the Telos Network. The initial mandate states that this is to be executed by promoting the network through grants and administration, underwriting expenses that increase the functionality of the Telos network and maintaining a published steering monetary value for Telos Network RAM. Any decisions that the Telos Foundation make are agnostic to network operations and government systems. Budgeting decisions for the Telos basis are determined via multisig by the Telos Foundation board members. Board members are voted in by TLOS holders as representatives of the residential district through regular elections .

Telos Works (eosio.saving) – 350,000 TLOS/month

Telos Works, besides known as the Worker Proposal System ( WPS ) empowers Telos users to guide and pay for the development, promotion and growth of the Telos network. Anyone can submit a request for fund in order to carry out a certain job and anyone can vote. A proposal may request any sum of TLOS, but a 5 % deposit of request funds is required. The deposit can be recouped if the proposal reaches a certain doorsill of drug user vote .

Telos Core Developers (treasury.tcd) – 300,000 TLOS/month

The Telos Core Developers exist to push development of the Telos net ahead from a technical foul point of view. They are a identify musician in maintenance and invention of the Telos ecosystem and its tools. additionally, the Core Developers normally play a function in facilitating administration on the technical foul front. use of these funds are controlled by the heads of this first step, which are decided upon by residential district vote during economic amendments.

Resource Exchange (eosio.rex) 1,700,000 TLOS/month

The Telos Resource Exchange ( REX ) plays an integral function in making the Telos network one of the most accessible and equitable blockchains. It allows developers to lease TLOS in decree to pay for network resources at an low-cost rate. At the like time, TLOS holders loaning these resources will receive a high yield return, paid out by REX fund .


It ’ s potential to utilize Telos outside of the Telos native mainnet, through ERC-20 and BEP-20 versions of TLOS. ERC-20 TLOS is available on the Ethereum mainnet and BEP-20 TLOS is available on Binance Smart Chain ( BSC ). This is made possible through bridges opened between Telos and these early networks in 2021, via pTokens. These are envelop versions of TLOS which can be transferred in and out of the Telos native mainnet at any time. Doing so does not create extra tokens, and it ‘s significant to note that any TLOS existing on Ethereum or BSC are included in the total provide of 355 million TLOS .

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