Top 5 VoIP Providers for Businesses Features, Pricing, and Customer Ratings

Who is the Ultimate VoIP Provider?

In this digital era, communication has shifted from the traditional telephony means to the use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). An efficient and reliable communication solution requires the best VoIP provider, which is not an easy choice. This article evaluates top-level VoIP providers’ features, costs, and customer ratings, making your decision-making process easier.


While selecting the best VoIP solution, businesses should focus on call quality, reliability, and features. The right solution goes beyond organizations’ internal communication and extends benefits such as cost reduction, flexibility, and mobility. This article examines the best VoIPs in the market, catering to specific needs and providing informed decision-making suggestions.

1. 8×8

8×8 provides cloud-based VoIPs to all-sized companies. Its high-quality voice and video calls highlight the benefits of its VoIP technology that helps businesses customize features and capabilities as per specific requirements. With exceptional customer experience and service ratings, most businesses prefer 8×8 as their VoIP provider.


• High definition audio and video.
• Flexible auto attendant.
• Service as a Unified Communication (UCaaS).
• Various conference bridges.
• 24/7 customer support.


$12 per user per month approx.

2. RingCentral

RingCentral is a prominent cloud-based provider with a wide variety of features catering to mobile and traditional environments’ needs. Its VoIP solutions suit all types of businesses and offer award-winning applications. Due to remote work requirements, RingCentral is the best VoIP provider.


• Auto attendant.
• Audio and video conferencing solutions for up to 500 members.
• Cloud-based PBX services.
• Integration with collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack.
• Mobile application for call and messaging accessibility.

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$19.99 per user per month approx.

3. Nextiva

Since 2006, Nextiva has been offering advanced cloud-based communication solutions focusing on reliability and scalability to cater to varying business requirements. It is known for its satisfactory customer support services and has received numerous awards, including the best VoIP provider in customer satisfaction.


• Advanced call routing and recording.
• Voicemail to email transcription.
• Web conferencing and file-sharing.
• Mobile app for remote access.
• Auto-attendant.


$20 per user per month approx.

4. Vonage

Vonage offers VoIP solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. It provides rich-feature cloud-based VoIP solutions covering quick deployment, scalability, and ease of management. It is compatible with multiple devices such as computers and smartphones.


• Vonage Business Cloud offers collaboration and communication tools catering to businesses’ requirements.
• Provides conference call solutions.
• Provides virtual numbers, making local business operations possible.
• Integration with popular platforms such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.


$19.99 per user per month approx.

5. GoToConnect

Cloud-based GoToConnect offers VoIP solutions catering to any business size requirements. With a vast array of communication tools such as call recording, call queueing, and transcription, it is among the fastest-growing VoIP providers in the market.


• Uninterrupted service through redundant data centers.
• Offers advanced mobility features.
• Intuitive user interface.
• Offers various call management features such as call waiting, call routing, and call recording.


$24 per user per month approx.

Final Word:

The selection of the best VoIP provider might become a strenuous task. However, businesses should focus on the provider’s reliability, features, customer ratings, and pricing before settling on a particular solution. Each VoIP provider mentioned above offers unique benefits and features suitable for businesses. By selecting any of the providers mentioned above, businesses can enjoy improved communication with cost-effectiveness, scalability, and flexibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)?
A. VoIP uses the internet to transmit voice and other multimedia to other devices.

Q. How is VoIP different from traditional telephony systems?
A. VoIP uses the internet to transmit voice and multimedia signals, while traditional systems use copper lines to transmit analog voice signals.

Q. Are VoIP providers reliable?
A. VoIP providers are reliable. However, research before selecting the providers guarantees maximum uptime and call quality.

Q. Is it possible to integrate VoIP solutions with other business software?
A. Yes, most VoIP solutions integrate with other software such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and cloud storage solutions.

Q. What are the factors considered when selecting a VoIP provider?
A. When selecting a VoIP provider, consider factors such as reliability, call quality, pricing, scalability, and ease of use. Miscellaneous factors include research before settling on a provider.

Disclaimer: This article provides general information. Research before making any decisions based on the information shared in this document.

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