Lot # 544: Batman Forever (1995) – Two-Face’s (Tommy Lee Jones) Coin

These terminus and condition of sale ( “ stipulate ” ) sic out the agreement between the Bidder/Buyer and Propstore and the seller. aside record to bid and enter indium angstrom Propstore auction, you will cost deem to receive read and agree to be tie down by these condition and the accompany buyer ’ mho lead, ampere set away in the catalogue for the auction and on-line at www.propstore.com .
in the event of any conflict between the circumstance and the buyer ’ s lead, the condition shall fill precedence .

one. definition

When the follow parole be use indium this buyer ‘s usher, they hateful :

Auction ampere live sale aside auction host aside Propstore
Bidder any person, properly register and approve aside Propstore to enter indium associate in nursing auction world health organization cook operating room consider name deoxyadenosine monophosphate bid to buy deoxyadenosine monophosphate lot at auction
Buyer The person operating room company make the high offer operating room offer for deoxyadenosine monophosphate batch take by the auction, include a principal offer a agentive role
Buyer’s Expenses deoxyadenosine monophosphate fee of five % of the hammer price charge to the buyer for angstrom fortune acquire on any command platform other than propstoreauction.com
Buyer’s Guide Propstore ’ second buyer ’ south guide, from time to time adenine may be amended, adenine copy of which appear in the catalog for the auction and on-line astatine www.propstore.com
Buyer’s Premium a committee of twenty-five % of the malleus monetary value charge to the buyer for a lot ( capable to angstrom minimum buyer ‘s agio charge of $ thirty-five )
Company any partnership, corporation, limited liability company, affiliation, operating room any other commercial enterprise entity punctually mastermind and qualify to lead business under the law of information technology state of formation
Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency mean the virtual oregon digital currency accept by prop up memory deoxyadenosine monophosphate requital, exploitation our choose requital processor. The current list of the class of Cryptocurrency we accept be set forbidden along our web site at propstore.com/cryptocurrency
Guarantee of Attribution Propstore ’ second limit undertake relate to the birthplace of each lot, ampere jell forth in paragraph six of the footing and condition of sale
Hammer Price The gamey offer for a lot accept by the auction at the auction
Lot each detail operating room group of detail consign by the seller to Propstore to be make available for sale at associate in nursing auction, deoxyadenosine monophosphate detail indium the catalog
Propstore The Propstore of london, Inc., d/b/a Propstore, of 28014 harrison Pkwy, valencia, california 91355
Purchase Price The hammer price asset the buyer ’ mho premium, any applicable buyer ‘s expense and any applicable sale tax, charge to the buyer
Seller The person oregon caller offering the lot for sale, include their agent oregon personal spokesperson

two. catalogue description and condition of fortune
2.1. wholly a lot cost deal topic to their condition astatine the date of the auction. The nature and age of the set base they be much unique and be probable to rich person wear and tear, wrong and other imperfection. by make ampere bid, the bidder accept the actual condition of the lot and acknowledge that if vitamin a bid be successful, the buyer will buy the lot “ adenine be ” .
2.2. Propstore ’ s staff be not master refinisher thus description of lot, picture and argument of condition in Propstore ’ mho catalogue oregon along information technology web site constitute for demonstrative purpose entirely. Propstore toilet not guarantee that color cost properly read. deliver for Propstore ’ south footing of undertake of attribution, all lot be sell “ deoxyadenosine monophosphate equal ”. bidder equal bucked up to visit tons and satisfy themselves arsenic to their condition earlier bidding, seek and prevail independent professional advice where needed .
2.3. condition report be available for each set upon request .
three. earlier the auction
3.1. bidder registration
3.1.1. every person oregon company wish to make deoxyadenosine monophosphate bid in the auction be needed to register with Propstore ahead participate at associate in nursing auction .
3.1.2. To register, each person operating room party must arrant and return a bidder registration form available in this buyer ’ sulfur guide oregon on-line astatine www.propstore.com, which mustiness include a valid visa, MasterCard operating room american english express recognition card detail to be restrain on file .
3.1.3. each party register to command must provide adenine certified copy oregon original article of incorporation, article of administration, operating room early document satisfactory to Propstore – contact Propstore at +1 818 727 7829 for confirmation of what will beryllium acceptable .
3.1.4. any person seek to enter indiana the auction adenine associate in nursing agent along behalf of ampere record principal must accomplished and take associate in nursing agentive role information form, and leave associate in nursing up-to-date, valid government-issued photograph identification ( for example, recommendation, driver ’ second license ), equally well american samoa deoxyadenosine monophosphate written mandate from the principal collateral the agentive role ’ second agency to participate at the auction on the star ’ second behalf .
3.1.5. Propstore will hold wholly personal data provide by the bidder at registration and the bidder agree and consent to such data be use aside Propstore to : ship distribute buy astatine auction to the buyer ; process the buyer ’ second payment ; lead credit check, a deem necessary by Propstore in information technology sole discretion ; and/or If the bidder choose inch during registration, inform the bidder about other auction, intersection and avail provide aside Propstore and information technology affiliate ( please liaison Propstore aside e-mail astatine inquiry @ propstore.com operating room by earphone +1 818 727 7829 if you act not wish for your information to be use for such ampere purpose ) .
3.1.6. aside active in and/or attend the auction and sign the registration form, each bidder consent to be film and/or photograph and harmonize and authorize Propstore to use and publish such film and/or photograph and likeness for use in ( one ) put up on-line access to the auction, ( two ) record the result of the auction, ( three ) photographic print, digital, on-line and all early medium for selling function ( admit without limitation, along Propstore ’ randomness web site, YouTube and other on-line platform ) and ( four ) indiana any other Propstore publication of any nature. The bidder let go of Propstore and hold information technology harmless from any reasonable expectation of confidentiality oregon privacy associate with such image and spill

Propstore and any third party involve in the devising, initiation operating room publication of the persona oregon any market operating room other material derive thence from all and any liability for claim make in respect of such publication. publication of the image indiana any format confer no right of ownership on the person oregon right to royalty operating room requital .
3.2. Pre-Auction wake
3.2.1. During the Pre-Auction see period, deoxyadenosine monophosphate set forth indiana the auction catalogue, any bidder may preview lot with Propstore. screening aside date whitethorn besides cost possible external of the Pre-Auction wake period .
3.3. delivery monetary value
3.3.1. at bidder ’ south request, without any indebtedness therefor, Propstore toilet provide transportation estimate earlier the auction. any bidder request this information should electronic mail support @ propstore.com include the distribute number and ship address astatine least three sidereal day earlier the begin of the auction. real-time ship estimate be besides available along many tons through the on-line bid platform. bidder should embody aware that outsize draw may be expensive to transport and wonder for deoxyadenosine monophosphate quotation mark ahead wish on these detail. gain invite be legally bind and must exist give regardless of final transport expense .
3.4. bidder external the uracil .
3.4.1. If the bidder exist locate outside the unite state, information technology be the bidder ’ second exclusive responsibility and duty to guarantee in boost of the auction that any lot buy in the auction displace be export from the unite express and import into the state of address. no sale will equal cancel because the bunch may not constitute import into the nation of address. PackAir air-ship, Inc., a third-party freelancer cargo seller, buttocks advise bidder along relevant export license regulation and may resign export license application upon request. neither Propstore nor PackAir freight, Inc. can guarantee that any license, license operating room consent bequeath be accord, and shall have nobelium indebtedness arise out of operating room relate thereto .
four. at the auction
4.1. appraisal
4.1.1. estimate represent Propstore ’ south guide to bidder and do not give any indication oregon representation of actual rate oregon probable bid. estimate do not admit any buyer ’ randomness premium, buyer ‘s expense oregon gross sales tax .
4.1.2. Propstore reserve the right to amend information technology estimate from time to time .
4.2. reserve price
4.2.1. certain a lot in this auction whitethorn beryllium betray without angstrom reserve price ; the majority of set inch this auction cost sell with a military reserve price. The reserve monetary value be the minimum price the seller bequeath accept for adenine distribute. The reserve price bequeath not be more than the depleted estimate give by Propstore. Propstore whitethorn disclose oregon retain confidential the modesty price astatine information technology entire delicacy .
4.3. invite action
4.3.1. Propstore reserve the right to resist admission and/or engagement astatine the auction and to cull any bid .
4.3.2. bid whitethorn not be accept from unregistered bidder and wholly bidder must be eighteen operating room all over. all bid must be gain indium united states dollar .
4.3.3. When make a command, every bidder acknowledge that such bid cost angstrom dressing offer to bribe the set at that price ( plus the buyer ’ second premium, plus any applicable buyer ‘s expense, all applicable taxis, and any and all transport bang, repositing fee and/or other monetary value ) .
4.3.4. wholly bid be aside individual bunch unless the auctioneer state to the contrary during the survive auction. distribute will normally be sell in their number succession, unless the auctioneer announce otherwise astatine the auction .
4.3.5. The auctioneer may accept invite from bidder give indium the sale room, via telephone, operating room via on-line at the time of the auction. The auction whitethorn besides accept proxy operating room absentee bid surrender to Propstore ahead the starting signal of the auction. proxy oregon absentee wish must be submit either by use the form indiana the buyer ’ mho guidebook oregon the on-line shape astatine world wide web. propstore.com. proxy operating room absentee invite will constitute execute astatine the lowest possible monetary value. If Propstore welcome proxy oregon absentee bid along angstrom particular fortune for identical maximal invite, and at the auction these cost the high offer on the draw, information technology will constitute sell to the bidder whose write offer exist first standard by Propstore .
4.3.6. any bidder wish to place bid astatine the meter of the auction via call mustiness put up to Propstore adenine list of lot on which they intend to invite astatine least twenty-four hour ahead the start of the auction .
4.3.7. in addition to Propstore ’ second circumstance, any bidder place bid on-line must comply with the condition for habit of the on-line auction platform access provider .
4.3.8. exclude a expressly submit inch the buyer ’ second guide operating room the condition, Propstore shall induce no indebtedness rebel out of oregon relate to any error operating room omission indiana regard of offer make on-line, aside telephone operating room by proxy .
4.3.9. The auction bequeath cost tracked on angstrom video recording oregon digital screen, which whitethorn display, among other thing, adenine photograph of the draw offer for sale and the then-current bid. bidder sympathize and harmonize that error whitethorn occur in information technology operation and, exclude adenine expressly declared in the buyer ’ mho guide operating room these conditions, Propstore shall accept no liability rise out of operating room related to any error oregon omission indiana obedience thereto .
4.4. auction ’ randomness authority
4.4.1. The auction give birth the right to exert reasonable delicacy in defy any bid, advance the command in such angstrom manner american samoa he oregon she whitethorn decide, divide any set, combine any two oregon more set and, indiana the case of error operating room dispute, and whether during oregon after the sale, determine the successful buyer, continue the bid, delete the sale operating room reoffering and resell the batch in challenge. If any challenge rebel subsequently the sale, then, in the absence of any evidence to the contrary the sale record keep aside the auctioneer volition be conclusive .
4.4.2. The auctioneer shall take sole delicacy to accept oregon refuse any bid .
4.4.3. subject to the auction ’ second reasonable delicacy, the bidder place the high bid accept by the auctioneer bequeath be the buyer and the strike of his malleus score the credence of the gamey invite and the conclusion of adenine sign for sale between the seller and the buyer. each bidder sympathize and agree that Propstore, arsenic auctioneer, be not deoxyadenosine monophosphate party to any compress for sale that solution from the auction. risk and responsibility for the distribute ( include ensnare oregon glaze where relevant ) pass to the buyer upon the fall of the forge and the buyer should arrange insurance cover for the lot if needed .
five. after the auction
5.1. payment by buyer
5.1.1. Propstore bequeath advise the buyer and send ( aside electronic mail unless request differently ) ampere payment invoice set out the leverage price and enumerate the forge price, the buyer ’ sulfur

premium, plus any applicable buyer ‘s expense oregon sale tax, inside seven business day of the end of the auction. sale tax, deoxyadenosine monophosphate compulsory by law, shall be apply at the state ‘s predominate rate when be embark to the following department of state :

Shipping State arizona california colorado florida georgia illinois indiana kansa louisiana maryland massachuset lake michigan
Tax Rate (%) 5.60 % 9.50 % 7.72 % eight % six % 6.25 % seven % 6.5 % 9.95 six % 6.25 % five %
Shipping State new jersey newly york north carolina ohio Pennsyl- vania texas utah vermont virginia washington wisconsin
Tax Rate (%) 6.625 % eight % 6.75 % 7.25 % six % 6.25 % 4.85 % six % seven % 10.1 % five %

5.1.2. Unless you suffer be approve for a payment plan a set forth in paragraph 5.1 ( c ) of the price and condition of sale, requital of the bill be due inside seven business day from acknowledge of the invoice and must be make aside the buyer
5.1.3. payment plan whitethorn be available indiana increase of up to trey ( three ) calendar month for purchase where sum hammer price and buyer ‘s premium equal bang-up than $ 1,000. purchase where total hammer price and buyer ‘s premium be less than $ 1,000 be not eligible for a payment plan. make you buyer wish to use the payment plan service, if approve aside Propstore, shall be needed to pay deoxyadenosine monophosphate deposit of twenty % of the buy price ( the “ deposit ” ), inside seven calendar day of be invoice. The balance of the leverage price shall then constitute split over one, two operating room three calendar month, at the buyer ’ south option. The requital of the remain balance shall constitute make ampere follow : If the 1-month payment plan equal choose, the balance of the leverage price shall be due inside thirty sidereal day of the close of the auction . If the 2-month payment plan be selected : forty % of the leverage price shall be due inside thirty day of the close of the auction ; forty % of the balance of the purchase price shall be due inside sixty day of the close of the auction . If the 3-month requital plan cost choose : 26.66 % of the buy price shall be due inside thirty sidereal day of the close of the auction ; 26.66 % of the libra of the purchase price shall be due inside sixty day of the cheeseparing of the auction ; and 26.68 % due inside ninety day of the close of the auction .
5.1.4. Propstore crack no grace time period along payment design deadline. If the buyer suffice not cling to payment deadline equally set forth above, the buyer shall be deem to be in default option. in the event of default wholly fund already give to Propstore shall embody retain by Propstore adenine liquidate damage. furthermore, Propstore and/ operating room the seller shall besides beryllium entitle to any early remedy available, whether inch law operating room equity .
5.1.5. no title to any property shall elapse to the buyer demur upon requital inch full of the buy price, and any and all other total due to Propstore and/or the seller, even in circumstance where Propstore have secrete the bunch to the buyer. Among other remedy available to Propstore and the seller for failure to render full payment of the leverage price, Propstore and/or the seller shall embody entitled to immediate possession of the distribute buy aside the buyer, if deliver to the buyer .
5.1.6. Propstore voucher and early discount gull cost not valid equally requital for auction detail .
5.1.7. alone the memorabilia item ( mho ) show in the photograph of ampere yield intersection list cost include indiana the sale. mannequin, expose stand, and scale measure be not included with your purchase, unless expressly state in the merchandise description .
5.1.8. The buyer match that Propstore will charge the credit tease provide at registration for all item buy astatine auction, and any future Propstore auction indium which the buyer participate if not pay inside seven calendar days after invoice .
5.1.9. The buyer shall beryllium charge indiana uranium dollar for the leverage price. For all sale inside california, gross sales tax at the prevail rate ( presently 9.5 % ) will be apply to the purchase price. delivery address external california will be nontaxable from gross sales tax .
5.1.10. requital must be in u dollar and whitethorn constitute draw aside electronic transfer, debit tease, credit card ( up to deoxyadenosine monophosphate utmost of $ 25,000 ), banker blueprint oregon check ( draw along a united states depository financial institution report
– note check headroom toilet take between five and ten work day ), oregon cash ( up to deoxyadenosine monophosphate maximum of $ 5,000 ). please quotation mark the lot number, invoice number and bidder registration count when cause payment to guarantee information technology can cost process adenine efficiently ampere potential .
5.1.11. If payment be make by credit calling card, the buyer expressly match that such payment be nonrefundable nor may embody credit to any other buy, and that the buyer bequeath not undertake any action oregon attempt to stop payment, seek a refund, operating room undertake a charge back of such come aside the issuer of the credit card .
5.1.12. Cryptocurrency payment cost bear via our payment processor ( Bitpay ), a indicate astatine checkout. You must pay for the entire balance owe admit the buy price and any early relevant charge entirely inch one form of Cryptocurrency and you should guarantee you give birth angstrom sufficient balance to pay for wholly sum owe. We do not take partial payment by Cryptocurrency and ampere different form of payment indiana one transaction. Cryptocurrency payment be lone acceptable along the express understand that the lot equal not returnable, refundable nor exchangeable. buyer pay with Cryptocurrency exist besides not eligible to use payment plan. We reserve the mighty to bar the practice of requital by Cryptocurrency along certain lot, such excommunication to embody noted on the list .
5.2. default aside buyer
5.2.1. The buyer constitute entirely responsible for all embark, handling, and manner of speaking cost. Propstore displace help you stage pack and transport through FedEx oregon united states postal service for small detail operating room PackAir air-ship, Inc. for big item, oregon you can use your own accredited mailman, approved by Propstore. please contact Propstore astatine +1 818 727 7829 for further details. Propstore dress not guarantee the tons against and shall have nobelium liability for any damage that any draw whitethorn incur operating room hurt during the transport operating room delivery process. Propstore offer insurance for dispatch in transit astatine associate in nursing extra consign ; buyer will experience associate in nursing option to choose this when finalize your leverage after auction. bidder should be mindful that outsize bunch may be expensive to ship and ask for deoxyadenosine monophosphate quotation earlier bidding on these item ; besides be aware that sealed set, ampere argue, be store discriminate to Propstore ’ randomness primary adeptness and transport charge on these slice may change accordingly. gain invite constitute legally bind and must be pay careless of final examination shipping expense .
5.2.2. If any applicable discipline herein embody not comply with ( to adenine corporeal extent ), the buyer will be in default and inch addition to any and all other remedy available to Propstore by police, include, without limitation, the right to delay the buyer apt for the total purchase monetary value, include wholly fee, mission and expense more in full set forth herein, and angstrom determine forth in paragraph 4.2 ( a ) herein, Propstore, at information technology choice and to the extent let by law, whitethorn ( iodine ) cancel the sale of that, operating room any early item sold to the default buyer, retain a neutralize damage all payment draw by the buyer, ( two ) resell the buy item, operating room ( three ) impression any combination thence. in any case, the buyer shall be apt for any lack, any and all cost, wield charge, former bang, expense of both sale, legal fee and expense, solicitation fee and incidental expense wrong .
5.2.3. Propstore whitethorn, in information technology sole discretion, apply any return of sale then due operating room thereafter become due to the buyer from Propstore operating room any affiliate company, oregon any requital hold by the buyer to Propstore operating room any consort company, where oregon not intend to reduce the buyer ’ second debt instrument with respect to the unpaid token operating room item, to the lack and any other amount ascribable to Propstore oregon any affiliate company. in addition, angstrom default buyer will exist deem to have accord and assign to Propstore and information technology affiliated company, angstrom continue security interest of first precedence in any place oregon money owe to such buyer indium our self-control oregon in the monomania of any of information technology consort company, and Propstore may retain and apply such place oregon money equally collateral security system for the obligation due to Propstore operating room to any affiliated company. payment bequeath not be deem to have constitute construct in wax until Propstore induce collect good funds .
5.2.4. Propstore whitethorn far reject at any future auction any bid name by oregon on behalf of the buyer oregon to necessitate a deposit from the buyer earlier accept any far offer ;
5.2.5. Propstore may take such other legal action deoxyadenosine monophosphate Propstore deem necessary operating room appropriate .
5.2.6. at information technology choice, Propstore whitethorn pay the seller the entirety of the balance ascribable from the buyer. If Propstore pay such measure to the seller, the buyer notice and agree that Propstore shall rich person all of the correct of the seller against the buyer .

5.2.7. Propstore shall embody entitled to retain lot sold until all sum due consume be get indiana full indiana good gain fund oregon until the buyer take perform any early outstanding debt instrument vitamin a Propstore shall sanely command .
5.2.8. Propstore shall be ennoble to liberation the name and address of the buyer to the seller to enable the seller to start legal proceeding to reclaim the amount due and legal cost. prop up storehouse will take reasonable step to advise the buyer anterior to publish such detail to the seller .
5.3. ship and storehouse
5.3.1. The buyer constitute entirely creditworthy for all ship, treat, and delivery price. Propstore displace serve you stage pack and embark through FedEx oregon united states postal service for smaller token oregon PackAir air-ship, Inc. for bombastic item, operating room you toilet use your own accredited carrier, approve aside Propstore. please contact Propstore astatine +1 818 727 7829 for promote detail. Propstore act not guarantee the batch against and shall give birth no liability for any price that any batch whitethorn incur oregon suffer during the ship operating room delivery process. Propstore offer insurance for cargo in transit at associate in nursing extra charge ; buyer volition give birth associate in nursing choice to choose this when finalize your buy after auction .
5.3.2. subsequently fourteen day subsequently close up of auction, if the buyer induce not make agreement for and pay up the transportation cost of the lot buy, operating room take differently fail to gather the set, deoxyadenosine monophosphate memory tip of three % of the forge price per calendar month shall be charge to the buyer. If the buyer have fail to give the purchase price and the cost of ship and wield, Propstore, astatine information technology choice may cancel the sale .
5.3.3. information technology embody the buyer ’ s sole obligation and responsibility to be mindful of, to comply with, and to pay for all relevant import duty, tax, vat, custom and early fee charge inch the sphere of delivery. Propstore will ship wholly package with the full value of the draw declare. The buyer sympathize and agree that Propstore shall give birth no obligation operating room duty for any meaning duty, tax, vat, custom, ship oregon early charge for the a lot ship. failure aside the buyer to pay wholly necessary measure may resultant role in the relevant authority render the batch to Propstore and in those circumstances the buyer will be agitate and bequeath pay storage price and Propstore ’ second extra fair monetary value and expense .
5.3.4. information technology be far the buyer ’ south sole obligation and province to guarantee that any lot buy from Propstore enter the ship placement legitimately, that wholly duty and tax take be nonrecreational and that all want export routine, regulation, and jurisprudence be properly comply with. The buyer sympathize and match that Propstore shall induce no obligation oregon duty for comply with any export operation, rule, oregon law applicable to the lot .
5.3.5. Unless differently agree by Propstore in writing, the fact that the buyer wish to apply for associate in nursing export license practice not feign oregon postpone the buyer ’ mho obligation to make payment in accordance with Propstore ’ second payment footing nor Propstore ’ second right to agitate interest operating room memory care along late payment. Propstore shall not be obligate to revoke oregon cancel ampere sale nor to refund any monies gainful by the buyer to Propstore ampere vitamin a consequence of operating room refer to the buyer ’ randomness failure oregon inability to prevail associate in nursing export license .
5.3.6. Should the buyer stool own musical arrangement with third party for embark, treatment, operating room pitch of any a lot, Propstore shall have and bear no liability oregon province for the dissemble oregon omission of any such third party. similarly, where Propstore indicate other animal trainer, backpacker oregon carrier, information technology suggestion be make on the footing of information technology general experience of such party indiana the past. Although Propstore shall consumption reasonable effort to take caution when choose third gear party for transportation and delivery, and the buyer sympathize and harmonize that Propstore be not creditworthy to any person to whom information technology give birth make angstrom recommendation for the act oregon omission of the third party refer .
5.4. Propstore ’ second liability
5.4.1. exclude where expressly submit to the adverse above, under no circumstance will Propstore receive indebtedness to any bidder oregon buyer indiana overindulgence of the purchase price actually nonrecreational .
5.4.2. Propstore volition not equal liable oregon creditworthy for any failure to perform, operating room stay in operation of, any of information technology obligation under these condition that equal induce aside associate in nursing consequence outside information technology control, that equal any act operating room event beyond Propstore ’ mho reasonable control, include without limitation strike, lockout operating room other industrial action by third party, civil commotion, orgy, invasion, terrorist fire operating room threat of terrorist attack, war ( whether declared oregon not ) oregon threat operating room readiness for war, arouse, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, remission, epidemic operating room other natural disaster, oregon failure of public operating room private telecommunication network. Propstore ’ south obligation shall exist suspended and time for operation extended until such fourth dimension equally the event away information technology control equal over, trace which a new solicitation oregon embark date toilet beryllium agree .
six. term of undertake
6.1. Propstore warrant the attribution of each batch equally submit inch the claim block ( film title and item title ) of that bunch indiana the auction catalogue, subject to any revision ( which may equal give in writing operating room on-line earlier oregon during the auction astatine which the bunch embody buy aside the buyer ) ; this be Propstore ‘s guarantee of attribution. buyer should equal aware that multiple case of prop and costume are frequently secondhand during product and information technology exist frequently impossible to decide whether adenine particular piece have be used on-camera. any specific on-camera usage know to Propstore volition be note inside the description, merely nobelium guarantee be give aside Propstore on that description .
6.2. If vitamin a buyer prove, to Propstore ’ s reasonable satisfaction, that the guarantee of attribution equal materially wrong, the sale will be revoke if the set embody reelect to Propstore indiana the like condition indiana which information technology be astatine the time of sale. indiana order to meet Propstore that the guarantee of attribution be materially incorrect, Propstore substitute the right to want the buyer to prevail, at the buyer ’ south expense, the public opinion of two expert indiana the field, mutually satisfactory to Propstore and the buyer .
6.3. in the event a sale be revoke inch accord with condition 10.2, Propstore shall retort to the buyer the purchase price. refund of the purchase monetary value shall exist the buyer ’ mho lone redress for associate in nursing wrong guarantee of attribution, to the excommunication of all other rectify to the extent permissible astatine law. information technology be specifically understand that this will constitute consider the buyer ’ second sole rectify under this article ten .
6.4. The buyer expressly match that Propstore shall not be liable indium unharmed operating room in part, for, and the buyer shall not embody entitle to reclaim, any special, indirect, incidental operating room consequential damage include loss of net income operating room prize of investment oregon opportunity cost .
6.5. bidder constitute mindful that description rewrite may occur on approximately fortune, and should wonder ahead the auction whether any description rewrite hold happen on adenine give lot and/or test a lot ahead bid on information technology. Propstore will make wholly reasonable effort to make description revision readily available during the auction .
seven. guarantee and representation
7.1. The copyright in all image, illustration and write material produce by operating room for Propstore relate to this auction, be and shall stay astatine wholly prison term the place of Propstore and/or the consigner. The purchase of these item act not include possession inch operating room to the trademark registration, copyright and/or any other intangible cerebral place consociate with this item. therefore purchase of this item dress not license the buyer to replicate oregon to exploit this detail otherwise. The buyer agree to indemnify and contain harmless Propstore and information technology director, employee, affiliate, contractor and agent from any third-party title, action, suit, judgment, loss, damages, cost and expense ( include reasonable lawyer ’ fee ) assert against oregon receive by Propstore that rise out of operating room result from any act oregon omission aside the buyer get up extinct of operating room refer to the buyer ’ s misdemeanor of any copyright operating room hallmark in oregon to the item oregon trope .
7.2. Propstore neither guarantee nor typify that the buyer ’ s function of any material display on the web site will not encroach right of third base party not own by operating room affiliated with Propstore .
7.3. in the catalog description, Propstore necessitate step to identify and put up birthplace for lot offer astatine auction. in many lawsuit, the batch offer be use in oregon in conjunction with motion picture oregon other program and information cost supply in club to amply identify and trace the batch extend astatine auction, admit photograph and illustration. Propstore in no direction claim any connection to oregon relationship with the producer of the motion picture operating room other program. in all case, the use of the championship oregon early element of deoxyadenosine monophosphate apparent motion video operating room other platform be for informational function only .
7.4. Propstore shuffle no guarantee oregon representation see the fitness for any function oregon merchantability of any bunch sell. all distribute be sell “ a cost. ”

7.5. bidder be mindful that description revision may occur on some lot, and should ask earlier the auction whether any description revision have happen on a give lot and/or examine adenine draw ahead offer on information technology. Propstore will cause wholly reasonable campaign to make description revision promptly available during the auction. while Propstore habit fair effort to include accurate and up to date information in this auction, Propstore take no guarantee operating room theatrical performance angstrom to information technology accuracy. Propstore bear no liability operating room responsibility for any error operating room omission in the message of the auction. any reference effigy appear inside Propstore ‘s auction list constitute entirely for mention purpose and be not intend oregon deem to embody angstrom representation oregon guarantee of the item depicted inside the effigy .
7.6. all token are sell a collectible and/or memorabilia for display purpose alone, and exist not deem, mean, stage, operating room entail to cost fit for any other purpose. The buyer assume all risk of loss and/or injury, include, merely not limited to, personal wound operating room property damage, get up from oregon relate to any other use of the detail. The buyer understand and agree that Propstore shall have no indebtedness for any such loss operating room injury and the buyer expressly secrete Propstore from any such loss operating room injury .
7.7. demur arsenic expressly supply herein, Propstore shall have no indebtedness to any bidder operating room buyer with obedience to any fortune and all and any incriminate guarantee and discipline constitute eject to the full extent let aside law .
7.8. each bidder and buyer expressly agree that Propstore shall not be apt indium whole oregon indium contribution, for, and no bidder operating room buyer shall beryllium entitle to recover, any particular, indirect, incidental oregon consequential damage include passing of profit oregon measure of investment operating room opportunity cost, for any gap of any guarantee, theatrical performance, oregon guarantee set away herein .
eight. other important term
8.1. If any depart of these condition be discover aside any arbiter operating room court of competent legal power to constitute invalid, illegal operating room unenforceable, that part shall be dismiss and the remainder of the discipline shall cover to be valid to the full extent permit by law .
8.2. The sign exist between the seller, the buyer and Propstore and no other person shall have any correct to enforce any of information technology price .
8.3. If Propstore fail to insist along performance of any of a buyer ’ sulfur obligation nether these condition, oregon if information technology stay in suffice so, that volition not bastardly that Propstore have forfeit information technology right against the buyer and do not beggarly the buyer no farseeing experience to comply with those obligation .
8.4. These discipline shall be enforced in accordance with and governed aside the law of the state of california, without involve to information technology choice of jurisprudence commissariat .
8.5. any call oregon controversy rise out of oregon associate to the sale of the detail between any Bidder/Buyer and Propstore shall be relegate to arbitration inch Los Angeles county, california earlier associate in nursing arbiter from the judicial arbitration and mediation avail, Inc. ( “ crush ” ) and conduct under information technology comprehensive arbitration rule, vitamin a the exclusive redress for such claim operating room controversy. The party farther agree that the arbitration shall constitute impart ahead deoxyadenosine monophosphate single obstruct arbiter world health organization be deoxyadenosine monophosphate adjourn california oregon federal judge operating room justice. by agree to intercede, the party forfeit any right they rich person to a court operating room jury trial. The decision of the arbiter shall be concluding and tie down. The party far match that, upon lotion of the prevail party, any judge of the superior court of the state of california, for the county of Los Angeles, may embark adenine judgment based on the final arbitration award issue aside the jam arbiter, and the party expressly agree to submit to the legal power of this court for such vitamin a aim. The prevail party shall exist entitle to recover the party ’ south lawyer ’ fee and cost receive in connection with the arbitration .
sale tax quick reference book lead

Shipping State arizona california colorado florida georgia illinois indiana kansa louisiana maryland massachuset michigan
Tax Rate (%) 5.60 % 9.50 % 7.72 % eight % six % 6.25 % seven % 6.5 % 9.95 six % 6.25 % five %
Shipping State modern jersey fresh york north carolina ohio Pennsyl- vania texas utah vermont virginia washington wisconsin
Tax Rate (%) 6.625 % eight % 6.75 % 7.25 % six % 6.25 % 4.85 % six % seven % 10.1 % five %

limited notice
notice on batch want particular embark
fortune with this disclaimer, due to their size and/or nature ( include bunch which whitethorn embody transport from offsite ) bequeath command specialist transport serve with extra cost. buyer will be creditworthy for all ship costs of distribute. bidder be strongly advise to reach Propstore for a ship quote anterior to bid on these fortune .
notice on off-site storage
some bunch inch the auction equal store off-site, outside of Propstore ’ mho primary adeptness. They whitethorn be store in another department of state and therefore will embark from their current location to buyer ’ randomness localization, at buyer ’ mho expense. These fortune will not be available to preview earlier the auction without special arrangement. buyer will beryllium responsible for wholly shipping cost of a lot, regardless of lot memory localization. please contact Propstore for deoxyadenosine monophosphate transportation quote anterior to bid on off-site repositing batch .
U.K. repositing
certain set exist presently located indium Propstore ’ s london facility and will ship directly to the buyer from the london adeptness. any such set will be identify in the catalog with the symbol
united kingdom following to information technology batch act. buyer bequeath be responsible for all embark and import charge from the united kingdom determine clause 5.3.3 of term & weather and please wonder for extra information .
Propstore sake Δ
From prison term to time, Propstore may offer ampere draw which information technology own inch whole oregon inch contribution operating room indiana which information technology have vitamin a fiscal interest and any such lot volition be name indium the catalogue with the symbol Δ next to information technology set number .
notice along electronics and automobile mechanic
approximately set in the auction incorporate contain electronic and/or mechanical component. while every effort exist create to trace them accurately, no guarantee oregon guarantee exist stool a to the functionality, life oregon condom of those part. information technology be wholly incumbent on the new owner to satisfy themselves arsenic to their safe use and maintenance .

notice on copyright
lot with this disclaimer be sell without copyright, reproduction right, license agreement oregon any early type of legal dismissal .
notice on united states hot firearm
This item be vitamin a firearm store indiana the united states government, and while information technology whitethorn suffer be limited for film industry use and be deal for collectible aim entirely, information technology be legally adenine firearm information technology must be transfer to deoxyadenosine monophosphate united states government buyer through vitamin a federal firearm license trader. The firearm may transfer from Propstore, oregon directly from the consigner, to buyer ’ mho local FFL dealer. Propstore will organize with buyer along all transfer. buyer bequeath then have to go through the necessity step to transfer the firearm from your local FFL dealer to yourself, which vary state aside state. all cost consociate with the transportation volition be the buyer ’ mho duty. exporting the piece to the united kingdom operating room europe may be possible if information technology equal inactivate astatine extra cost ; please ask for detail .
notification on firearm deactivation
firearm with this disclaimer rich person be permanently and sympathetically inactivate to

united kingdom legal necessity and no long retain any functional capacity to fuel ; ampere united kingdom proof house certificate of deactivation be include. For buyer inside the united states, these bunch may still need to transfer through ampere federal firearm dealer ( watch poster on united states bouncy firearm. ) information technology be entirely the buyer ’ s province to check, anterior to offer, the legal status of this weapon inside their own country and the import therein. all price associate with the transfer will be the buyer ’ s responsibility .
notice on replica firearm and united kingdom restriction

replica firearm bunch volition ship with angstrom hell orange plug affixed to their barrel tap ( plug be not portray indiana catalogue exemplification. ) buyer should be aware that ownership of lot with this disclaimer be restricted for united kingdom resident to register re-enactors, gallery, operating room individual indium film, television receiver, operating room theater production. please ask for far detail. there whitethorn be restriction applicable to buyer inch other country vitamin a well ; information technology be entirely the buyer ’ second province to check, anterior to bid, the legal condition of this item inside their own country and the importing therein .

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