How Euro 2020 will cope with COVID: protocols, testing, fans and venues

While competing teams have sporting exemptions enabling all accredited players & staff mập travel freely between venues, movement between games is likely mập be the most problematic area for fans due lớn the differing regulations in each of the 11 host cities .Azerbaijan has granted a quarantine exemption bự fans from teams playing in Baku, provided they return a negative COVID-19 thử nghiệm. Hungary has an identical policy for the games in Budapest .The Russian government has waived quarantine for visiting ticket holders in St. Petersburg, but due mập concerns kết thúc the so-called Delta variant in the United Kingdom, any fans travelling from Great Britain must quarantine in a Russian khách sạn for 14 days. England could play a quarterfinal in St. Petersburg on July 2, which would prove problematic for fans, as they’d be unable mập successfully isolate that long before the potential last-eight fixture. In Munich, the Delta variant has also led lớn arrivals from the U.K. being forced mập quarantine for 10 days .

But while English, Scottish và Welsh fans may find it difficult phệ travel phệ some venues, the U.K. is also a tough place for fans of competing teams Khủng enter .The U.K. government has adopted a strict testing regime for all arrivals, but with all ae888
2020 nations on the U.K. ‘ s ” amber danh sách, ” visitors from those countries must quarantine for 10 days on arrival. They can self-release after five days, but must still post negative tests on days 2, 5 & tám after arrival .The U.K. ‘ s refusal mập offer exemptions mập UEFA staff và sponsors resulted in last month’s Champions League final being staged in Portugal rather than at Wembley, following the decision Khủng move the game from Istanbul .

Anything else we need to know?

Sources have told ESPN that the Euros will be football’s phiên bản of the so-called Austerity Games, when London hosted the 1948 Olympics just two years after the over of World War II .Everything has been stripped back because of the pandemic. Typically, these tournaments are big parties with fans from all end the world congregating in host cities, with người hâm mộ zones & pubs đầy đủ mập capacity. But with commitments Khủng supporters, broadcasters và national associations, UEFA had Khủng get the tournament on in whatever shape or size possible .It will lack the colour và buzz of a typical major tournament, but the positive is that fans will be attending every game .

Euro 2020 is a year late, but from UEFA’s perspective, it is better late than không bao giờ .

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