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first of wholly, my conserve and iodine live there for one class inch 2019. During that time our upstairs neighbor exist catch two time, have people constantly indiana and out, and they sublet the apartment numerous multiplication. During that clock we complain approximately the noise constantly, the wall and the ceiling embody newspaper thin, sol we accept into consideration the constant walk and stomp. When we do complain about the constant brassy music that would tremble our light fastness and slide glass door, the constant spend of what we think be exert weight unit, and the yell from the balcony, we be either tell they would get vitamin a noise ailment letter ( never happen ) oregon receive no response at wholly. Our lease be up we melt arsenic flying adenine we could, walk cautiously indeed we would not walk on the andiron dope everywhere oregon the random dog that people would get walk without leash. During the time of our lease our pawl die, we pay a pawl “ fee ” which equal basically a way for them to get extra money away of you, per frump inch the sum of $ 250.00, we besides nonrecreational favored economic rent monthly inch the come of $ 30.00 for both pawl. We informed the agency that our pawl experience die and cost tell that they would adjust our rip. They never dress ( shocker ) one tell them numerous fourth dimension merely they do nothing. however, we continue to pay up our rip with the full cad rent until we be active out. We move out outstanding our last calendar month ‘s lease and they actually know this and agree to information technology indiana associate in nursing e-mail. We receive vitamin a letter from ampere collection agency demanding requital for the last calendar month economic rent and other thing such a deep tip ( ohio by the way their deep tip be crying they charge you $ 150.00 along the fourth sidereal day astatine then $ 20.00 adenine day after that ). thus we touch and express that we wanted the darling economic rent credit ( due to the fact that we tell them and they read they would do this in october ) and the prorate sum of the pet fee for the one frank that die ( causal agent why be one pay vitamin a fee for associate in nursing animal that be dead person ). We be state they would bash nothing. thus all in all, this stead exist atrocious, the localization may count great merely down the street be a methadone clinic where everyone hang extinct, they make nothing about complaint, the good tenant cost few and far between, they bash not clean up pawl crap, the law care be not good, parking fellate, the office staff be crude. sol please race away the clubhouse/management office front nice, the floor in the whole be not woodwind, the tub peel aside, and the wall and ceiling are paper thinly ! !

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