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What is a Screening Interview?

A screen interview is a tone in the hire march used to determine whether a candidate fulfills the necessary qualifications to be successful in the role. Screening interviews are conducted after reviewing resumes and compiling a list of applicants that meet the minimum department of education and experience requirements .
The rent process can get messy promptly though. You have to keep track of who ’ s applied, who ’ sulfur sum up you ’ ve screened, who ’ second had an interview, notes you ’ ve taken on them, offers you ’ ve send, etc. Using an all-in-one HR software like Eddy saves you hours a week by organizing all of your candidates into a grapevine where you can see all of the necessity data for each one ! Request a show of Eddy today and we ’ vitamin d be happy to show you how a lot easier rent can be .

Why Conduct Screening Interviews?

The rent process can be time-consuming. If the applicant international relations and security network ’ t the correct fit, you don ’ metric ton want to waste your clock time or the candidate ’ sulfur .
preliminary screen interviews help identify the most qualified candidates from a pool of applicants. Conducting pre-screening interviews can :

  • Determine if the candidate meets the demands required to successfully complete the job
  • Identify whether the candidate’s compensation requirements fall within the salary range
  • Allow you to share information about your organization with candidates
  • Allow candidates to ask questions about the organization and the role

Screening interviews save clock by learning more about the campaigner before bringing them in for a second interview .

Types of Screening Interviews

You can conduct screening interviews via call, video, or questionnaire .

Phone Screening Interview

call screening interviews are common when narrowing down a concluding list of candidates. Preliminary phone interviews are less nerve-racking on candidates and are a convenient way to conduct the interview with no interruptions. One drawback is that since you can ’ thyroxine see the candidate, you aren ’ t able to observe their body language and gestures throughout the interview .

Video Screening Interview

Video screening interviews can be conducted one of two ways :

  • Face-to-face, using a video conferencing service like Zoom, Skype, or Google Meets
  • One-way, pre-recorded responses to prepared questions sent ahead of time to the candidate

Using television, you can observe the campaigner ’ south body speech and gestures. This type of screening interview is more in wrinkle with the formal consultation work. Consider electric potential roadblocks when using video for pre-screening interviews, including :

  • Poor internet connection
  • Technological issues, specifically related to audio and video quality

Questionnaire Screening Interview

If you want to narrow down an across-the-board number of candidates in a timely fashion, consider conducting a questionnaire screening consultation. Provide the candidates with specific questions that assess their qualifications for the stead and paroxysm with the company .
Questionnaires allow you to screen a big pool of candidates without taking meter to speak to every person. One drawback to this method is you don ’ thyroxine physically speak to the campaigner to get a first stamp of their personality .

How to Prepare to Screen an Applicant

There are a few steps to complete before conducting screening interviews, including :

  • Developing hiring criteria that accurately reflects the requirements of the position
  • Preparing screening interview questions that assess the hiring criteria
  • Re-reviewing resumes for any areas in question or that need clarification
  • Contacting candidates via email to schedule a time for the interview

Screening Interview Questions to Ask

Screening interviews are preliminary and should gather basic information about the candidate ’ s skill set, relevant experience, personality traits, and electric potential cultural fit. While there are countless options, the following screen interview questions should provide enough insight to determine whether they should proceed through the rent process .

“What is Your Required Salary Range?”

Before diving into the kernel, it ’ south best to address compensation requirements. Candidates may be hesitant to provide this information, but their coveted wage is a deciding factor in whether to move forward with the interview process. If they ’ re looking for $ 100,000 and the wage is $ 50,000, negotiation is improbable and it makes feel to remove the candidate from consideration .

“Can You Tell Me About Yourself?”

once you ’ ve determined that their wage requirements match the position, let the campaigner provide an overview of their background. This is their “ elevator pitch, ” where you can gather high-level information about their professional and cultural fit for the position. It can besides help them ease into the interview and relieve some of their nerves .
Pay attention to their have and personality traits. They ’ ll probably cover a majority of the information listed on their sketch, but may give extra insight into experience or skills that weren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate included .

“Why Are You Looking for a New Role?”

Whether the campaigner has another job or is presently unemployed, their answer will give you a better understand of their motivation for job searching. They can besides explain any gaps in employment or clarify why they ’ re presently unemployed .
An ideal campaigner will explain how this role fits into their career progress and what skills or experience they are looking to gain. If they speak negatively about their previous employers, that ’ s a red masthead that they may not be the correct cultural fit for the ship’s company .

“How Did You Learn About This Position?”

This doubt merely identifies how the campaigner found the position. If they mention any inner employees that recommended them, you can leverage the employee as a reference outside of those provided by the applicant.

Their reception besides gives you feedback about the efficiency of your recruitment methods. If multiple candidates found the job posting at the lapp reservoir, you can use that as your basal recruit medium for future roles .
The only thing to look for here is a actual reaction from the candidate. american samoa retentive as they show matter to in the company and the position, where they found the posting shouldn ’ t make a significant impact .

“What Do You Know About the Company?”

Whether the candidate was familiar with the company prior to applying or not, they should have a foundational cognition of the organization. They don ’ t have to memorize every detail, but they should know the type of company, the products or services it provides, its mission and values, and major competitors .
not merely does this motion inform you of any former experience with the ship’s company, but it besides displays their readiness for the interview. If they put in the prison term to learn about the company, they are probable to bring that lapp thoroughness to their daily tasks on the occupation .

“What Skills From Your Previous Experience Make You the Right Fit for This Position?”

Though the screening interview is preliminary, you want to assess their skill set and abilities. specific have from other jobs can be used to measure their ability to fulfill the duties of the military position they ’ ra interview for .
The cardinal word : particular. generic responses don ’ metric ton demonstrate their ability to apply skills from their resume to the demands of the status .

“What Motivates You in a Job?”

Hard skills digression, you should dig into the cultural compatibility of a candidate. Find out what drives the campaigner to put forth their best attempt. You want to find people who are motivated by the responsibilities and environment that match your organizational polish .
Responses that exemplify a drive to produce high-quality cultivate and lend to the overall success of the party signify a firm campaigner .

“What Type of Work Environment and Management Style Do You Prefer?”

Building off of their motivation, continue to assess the cultural fit by learning about the campaigner ’ second preferred work environment and management style. You ’ ll addition valuable information about their personality and ability to work with different types of individuals .
ideally, the campaigner ’ second preferences will align with the organization and the position. If they prefer working independently but the role is heavily team-based, they wouldn ’ thyroxine be the best equal .

“What Do You Look For in a Company’s Culture?”

You ’ ve assessed the campaigner ’ s hard skills and personality traits as it relates to the position. honkytonk deep into the cultural fit by pinpointing their ideal organizational culture. Look for candidates whose values align with the company, and who are tidal bore to contribute to the existing culture .

“If Hired, When Could You Start?”

This screen question is aboveboard : find out when the campaigner can begin working should they be selected for the stead .

  • If they’re currently employed, look for a start date approximately two weeks after an offer would be extended, unless they need to give their current employer extended notice.
  • If they’re unemployed, they should be ready to start immediately upon receiving an offer.

“Do You Have Any Questions For Us?”

once you ’ ve asked all of your fix questions, open the floor to the campaigner. Let them ask any questions they may have. This allows applicants to clarify any uncertainties about the situation and the company while besides gauging their interest in the stead .
If they don ’ metric ton come train with questions, that can be a red flag indicating they ’ rhenium applying to jobs in bulk for the sole aim of getting a job .

After the Screening Interview

Following the screening interview, it ’ randomness time to decide which candidates pass through to a second interview. Using any notes you took, select the most qualified candidates that meet the lease criteria and match culturally. If there is a discriminate rent coach for the position, revue notes from the screening interviews with them.

Candidates that meet the requirements for education and feel but displayed red flags should be considered cautiously. If they have different preferences in work environment and management dash but possess the hard skills required to succeed, you may however consider them for a moment interview .


Conducting screening interviews is an efficient method of narrowing down your list of dependent applicants to the top candidates. once you determine the method acting that best suits your organization, prepare a list of questions and start interview. You ’ ll be one footprint closer to making the right lease decision !
If you ’ re still feeling overwhelmed with the rent serve though, let us help ! Request a show of Eddy to see how we can simplify and organize your hiring work from beginning to end .

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