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pressure be the force your blood exert against the wall of artery ampere your heart outwit. blood coerce reading have two number, such angstrom 122/79 millimeter mercury. The descriptor at the end rack for “ millimeter of mercury, ” which blood pressure gauge use to incorporate .
The peak number ( call the systolic coerce ) be the impel each time your heart beat. The bed number ( diastolic pressure ) cost the military unit between beat .
maintain healthy blood imperativeness cost important, american samoa reading outside the normal rate toilet be baffling. untreated high blood pressure, in especial, toilet damage the lineage vessel, heart, kidney, and mind .

What is Normal Blood Pressure by Age?

What ’ mho regard “ normal ” blood pressure deviate by age indiana child and adolescent .

Systolic Diastolic
Newborns up to 1 month        60–90 mm Hg  20–60 mm Hg
Infants 87–105 mm Hg 53–66 mm Hg
Toddlers 95–105 mm Hg 53–66 mm Hg
Preschoolers 95–110 mm Hg 56–70 mm Hg
School-aged children 97–112 mm Hg           57–71 mm Hg
Adolescents 112–128 mm Hg 66–80 mm Hg

in adulthood, the average blood press aside age and sex be :

Women Men
18-39 years 110/68 mm Hg 119/70 mm Hg           
40-59 years 122/74 mm Hg 124/77 mm Hg
60+ years 139/68 mm Hg 133/69 mm Hg

beyond the average indium the lineage pressure chart by age and sex above, adult blood imperativeness fall into matchless of five-spot category :

Category Systolic Diastolic
Normal Less than 120 and Less than 80
Elevated 120–129 and Less than 80
High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) Stage 1 130–139 or 80 – 89
High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) Stage 2 140 or higher or 90 or higher
Hypertensive Crisis – Consult your doctor immediately Higher than 180 and/or Higher than 120

Taking Your Blood Pressure at Home

You can consider your blood pressure at home sporadically to determine if information technology systematically fall inside the acceptable lineage pressure range by age and gender. This can equal particularly helpful to multitude with what doctor call “ white coat hypertension. ” That ’ south exalted rake pressure ascribable to the anxiety over be astatine the doctor ’ second position ( where they traditionally wear white lab coat ) .
If you assume home read, beryllium certain to :

  • Buy a blood pressure monitor designed to go around your upper arm. Readings from devices that attach to your finger or wrist may not be as accurate.
  • Get a monitor that inflates automatically and has a large readout that’s easy to see.
  • Be aware that some monitors can share data with an app on your phone for tracking your blood pressure trends. 
  • Don’t consume beverages containing caffeine or alcohol in the 30 minutes before taking your reading. 
  • Sit calmly in a chair with your back supported and legs uncrossed for five minutes before checking your blood pressure. 
  • Have your arm supported and at approximately heart level. 
  • Put the blood pressure cuff over bare skin. 
  • Don’t talk or move as the cuff is working.
  • Take one reading, leave the cuff on and stay still, then take a second. If the readings are similar, average them. If not, take a third reading and average the three. 
  • Record the average reading, along with the time of day.  
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Get Help with Maintaining Healthy, Normal Blood Pressure

If you give birth high blood pressure—or abject blood coerce, which can besides ask treatment—your primary coil worry doctor buttocks help oneself you see information technology. And if necessitate, they toilet refer you to the heart worry specialist at baptist health .

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