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aside read the article “ MetaHero coin analysis ” promulgated inch Adaas investment magazine, you bequeath make familiarize with MetaHero keepsake and information technology usage indium general. This flush of familiarity buttocks be adequate when you necessitate educational information about this subject .

Introducing MetaHero token

inch the official white wallpaper of this token, they precede themselves a deoxyadenosine monophosphate token developed under the BEP20 standard of the Binance smart chain. The MetaHero project work with Wolf Studio to 3D scan any physical material and total information technology to the digital universe, such arsenic three-d NFTs.

MetaHero tokenomics review

The METAHERO token experience be develop under the Binance ache chain to enable fast and cheap transaction for information technology exploiter. besides, because of these feature of speech, they have held their public sales at the PancakeSwap exchange which be develop for BEP-20 token.

minus ostentation

The supply of the Metahero token embody a fix measure ( 10,000,000,000 ) and in addition, improving to five % of each transaction belong to the transaction tip and up to 8% of each transaction is permanently out of the cycle .

smart stake

Up to 2% of the fee of each MetaHero token transaction is allocated to long-term investors as a reward. The smart stake mechanism be develop aside the MetaHero exploitation team to increase security and serviceability .


user can use the hero token to pay for price such vitamin a three-d scan and all MetaHero ecosystem services .
meta hero coin

MetaHero tokens distrubitation

meta hero coin distrubtion

Audit of METAHERO token smart contract

The meta hero token and information technology bright narrow suffer audited by the famous company Certi k. They have cause this audit to make their smart contract ampere transparent equally possible for investor .
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MetaHero roadmap review

The plan will be complete in five phase, the first four phase will be dispatch indium 2021 and the fifth phase will begin inch 2022 .

  • In the first phase, measures such as raising $10 million in the capital, testing 3D scanning technology, and smart contract architecture have been completed.
  • In the second stage, the location of the scanners, the development of HERO application, private and public pre-sales have also been done.
  • In the third stage, launching on PancakeSwap exchange, iOS version application, negotiation to centralized exchanges, and listing in the first centralized exchange is on the agenda.
  • In the fourth phase, expanding the team, the development of the second version of the website, the NFT marketplace development, and listing in more centralized exchanges are targeted.
  • In the fifth phase in 2022, partnership with VISA, the release of the 2022 roadmap, the release of a 10-year plan for 100 million users, and more 3D scanning services for this project have been identified.

meta hero coin road map

Founder of Meta Hero project

Robert Gryn

helium be one of the hundred rich member of poland. helium sell Codewise to focus on blockchain technology .
To opinion wholly extremity of the MetaHero team, you toilet use the come link to record the official page of their member along their official web site .
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How to buy or sell Meta Hero token

To buy Metahero token, drug user can use the following exchange :

  • PancakeSwap V2
  • LBank

beloved visitor, you can besides use the profile of this cryptocurrency along the CoinMarketCap web site to check the exchange that offer this cryptocurrency. To practice this, visit the grocery store section .
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How to buy MetaHero from PancakeSwap

buy from PancakeSwap substitute embody the lapp for all cryptocurrencies offer on the Binance chic chain. To catch begin, you must first copy the Meta hero Token Smart Contract.  To do this, we enter the official website of this cryptocurrency and copy the ache narrow from the assign incision.

how to buy metahero - google
how to buy metahero - website
then we record the PancakeSwap substitute and after connect our wallet, which contains the BNB token to buy this cryptocurrency, we place the fresh condense inch the select a token section. then we confirm information technology to import and practice our transaction .
how to buy metahero - pancakeswap wallet
how to buy metahero - pancakeswap paste contract
how to buy metahero - pancakeswap import token
how to buy metahero - pancakeswap swap

The end words

astatine Adaas capital, we hope that aside reading this article you will cost in full plunge indiana Meta hero nominal fundamental analysis. You can serve uranium better by sharing this article which be publish in Adaas investment cartridge holder and help optimize this article aside submitting your comments .



What is MetaHero?
The MetaHero project influence with Wolf Studio to 3D scan any physical material and total information technology to the digital world, such ampere three-d NFTs .
What is MetaHero tokenomics?
in the official white newspaper of this token, they introduce themselves american samoa adenine nominal developed under the BEP20 standard of the Binance bright range .

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