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Interview Question: “Why Do You Want To Be In Banking?”

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Published November 2, 2021TwitterLinkedInFacebookEmail bank is a many-sided industry that can provide rewarding careers. When applying to bank positions, it ‘s authoritative to prepare answers for a few park interview questions. For exercise, you may benefit from preparing to answer the motion “ Why do you want to be in bank ? ” In this article, we explain why employers ask this question, discuss how you might answer it and provide sample answers to use as a guide. Related : Types of Banking Jobs ( With Salary Expectations )

Why employers ask why you want to be in banking

Employers may ask why you want to be in bank to learn more about your personality and professional motivations. This information may show them what type of team extremity you might be. bank can be a challenge industry, so the most valuable candidates come to work with motivation and interest. Learning more about your personality may besides help your interviewer determine how good you could collaborate with stream team members. Another reason employers may ask this question is to learn more about your background. They may be concern in hearing about your experiences, work history or education. Your answer may besides help put your application into the greater context of your liveliness. This can be an excellent manner for the interviewer to gain a full reason of your capabilities and strengths. Related : 11 Types of Banking Degrees and Certificates To Consider

How to answer “Why do you want to be in banking?”

When answering this question, consider including a mix of details about yourself, your personality or your history, vitamin a well as specifics about the bank industry. hera are some steps to follow :

1. Talk about your relevant personality traits

Jobs in bank are frequently competitive and moral force, and they can involve high levels of world power and responsibility. When answering the doubt, you may choose to discuss your personality traits, like focus and determination, that complement the responsibilities of your profession. For example, if you ‘re interest in customer-facing positions, you may choose to talk about your interpersonal skills or highlight your extrospective personality.

This doubt may besides be a utilitarian opportunity to discuss some of the traditionally challenging aspects of working in bank. many finance jobs involve long hours, nerve-racking ferment and high gear levels of commitment, and your best personality traits might help you address some of these challenges. For example, you could say that you ‘re highly motivated by challenges or that you love working in competitive environments. This reply may show that you ‘ve thoroughly considered all aspects of the speculate, even those that might be a challenge .

2. Tell a story

Sharing an lease, relevant fib may be an excellent way to help your interviewer remember you and your response. Consider linking a fib to your initial comments about how your personality fits the bank diligence. You might talk about a time when a particular personality trait of yours was utilitarian in your work or a time when you discovered a new, convinced skill or trait through your work. You might choose to tell the narrative of the first time you realized you wanted to work in bank or how you have a function model who helped inspire you to pursue this career. Regardless of what floor you choose to share, it may be useful to include honest, personal details. These can help your interviewer get to know you better, which may help them remember you when they review all candidates .

3. Talk about the banking industry

After discussing your traits and way toward a career in banking, it ‘s useful to talk about the industry at large. Think about which aspects of trust are most interesting to you and match your personality well. possibly you ‘re concern in the large diverseness of careers available in this industry or the afford opportunities at a certain company provide a level of professional growth that attracts you. Try to be specific about the position and ship’s company you ‘re concern in, such as being intrigued by the opportunity to travel for work or collaborate with long-familiar industry leaders at the ship’s company. many people pursue a career in bank because of the perks these roles can offer. Common perks include senior high school salaries, good benefits and excellent working conditions. even if these are your chief motivation for working in trust, focus most of your answer on personal goals or interests related to banking. This may show your interviewer why you ‘re a well candidate. however, if you want to include the attractive benefits in your reply, mention them briefly at the end. Your interviewer may appreciate your honesty. Related : How To Write a Banking Resume Objective ( With Examples )

Example answers for “Why do you want to be in banking?”

hera are a few sample answers that you may refer to as you prepare your own response :

Example 1

“ I love to overcome challenges. I learned that from my aunt. She is an investing banker and the person who inspired me to pursue a career in banking. Growing up, my aunt would always come over on Friday nights for dinner, and she would spend the entire meal telling us about her latest projects. I loved hearing about the huge external teams she collaborated with, the nightlong shape sessions and even the hanker meetings. While I saw firsthand how challenging her work was, I besides saw how satisfy she was and how airless it made her with her colleagues. As I progressed through school, I found joy and confidence in the same kind of acute sour and collaboration that I constantly admired in my aunt. Each time I encountered a challenge, I would think of her at that dinner table and imagine telling my own report of how I overcame the obstacle. Working in bank allows me to overcome challenges for a support, and I ‘d love the opportunity to inspire children at a dinner mesa someday. ” Related : commercial Banking vs. Investment banking : Definitions and Differences

Example 2

“ I am matter to in bank because it ‘s a good match for my hard-working and highly ambitious nature. I have always enjoyed pushing myself and being part of an environment that celebrates hard influence. Being surrounded by intelligent, drive peers besides inspires me to do my best sour. In educate, I connected with these types of peers in clientele and finance classes. After graduating, I spent two years as a credit analyst, where I worked with brilliant and motivate colleagues and management. During that time, I was constantly the beginning to volunteer for new projects. My peers much complimented my ability to multitask, and I evening led a workshop on time management for my department. Truthfully, I find new projects very energizing, and I know that is utilitarian for working in the bank industry because there are constantly new initiatives to work on and people to meet. ”

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