What Decor Will Complement My Wooden Blinds?

What Decor Will Complement My Wooden Blinds?

Light-colored wooden blinds in bedroom
When it comes Khủng decorating, one of the more daunting tasks at hand is matching your decor phệ the rest of your home’s treatments, character, và aesthetics. One common question we often hear as your go-to window covering nhóm is how phệ decorate cohesively with wooden family sign
en blinds .

How to Choose the Right Decor to Enhance Your Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are a great addition Khủng any window. With a range of finishes và styles, they can provide a natural và warm feel phệ your space, making it feel inviting & cozy .The best part ? They are extremely versatile when it comes phệ matching with other textures, colors, và materials. So, read on for our best tips và tricks lớn make your wooden blinds pop !

Choosing the Right Color Scheme

Let’s start with màu sắc. Wood types & finishes each have their own màu và tone that must be considered when choosing pieces of decor. Take a look at your wood or faux wood blinds. Are they dark or light ? Warm or cool-toned ? Bright or dull ?

To Mix or To Match

Once you have an idea of the tone & overall look of your wooden blinds, it’s phút giây mập decide how this will affect your màu sắc choices .If you’re hoping for a cohesive & monochromatic look, find low-contrast items that closely match the tones of the wood. For example, pair a mix of dark, reddish, mahogany blinds with warm tones. This could include a muted red rug or a mix of dark brown lamps .If you’d prefer a higher contrast look for your space, it is still important lớn consider the tone of your wood in order phệ find pieces that compliment the tone while still standing out. Go big & bold with your choices ! Pair your cool-toned blinds with a statement couch in xanh or green or pull out your màu sắc wheel & choose a complimentary màu phệ phong cách with. We’d recommend a piece of artwork with bright oranges béo pull out the beautiful xanh undertones of your blinds .

White Wooden Blinds

If your wooden blinds are painted White, you have even more options when it comes béo choosing colors béo complement them. Simply consider the look of the rest of your trang chủ, including your paint choices, & refer béo the màu wheel when making decisions for a more cohesive final result .

Consider Aesthetics

Wooden blinds & the decor you pair with them have the ability lớn change the overall feel of a room. Lighter-colored woods lượt thích oak are often used in more modern spaces & provide an airier aesthetic. Darker woods, however, provide a more traditional & formal thiết kế .Do your best phệ match your decor choices with the aesthetic of your blinds. For example, pair your cherry blinds with a beautiful antique desk or your acorn blinds with a wicker blanket basket !

Incorporating Natural Elements into the Design

Wooden blinds already add a natural touch béo your trang chính, so sánh why not extend that naturalistic look further into the room ? Houseplants are a great way bự achieve this .Whether small or large, plants make a house feel lượt thích a home page, adding a pop of màu sắc & a bit of life bự your thiết kế. And if you don’t have a green thumb, chưa bao giờ fear — faux plants can still achieve the same results .Other natural decor elements phệ add phệ your space include :

  • Stone. Coasters, sculptures, paperweights, or bookends.
  • Other Wood Elements. A complimentary bookshelf, chair, or coffee table.
  • Fresh flowers. Keep your vases filled with beautiful buds year-round.

Utilizing Textures to Complement Your Wooden Blinds

Textures are always important Khủng consider when decorating your space. They add variety và character và make a kiến thiết feel complete. Keep texture in mind as you’re mua sắm for mới nhất pieces .Wooden blinds tend mập be hard và smooth. Provide contrast with the help of a very soft blanket, pillows made with heavier materials, và sculptural artwork with a rough & gritty feel .

Wood Blinds to Match Your Decor Style

If you have found a decor phong cách & aesthetic for your trang chính that you love, there’s no need lớn deviate when decorating with your mới ra window coverings ! Most wooden blinds have the ability phệ match your phong cách .

Wood Blinds & Rustic Decor

If your trang chủ has a rustic feel bự it, your wooden blinds are in the right place. Pair them with natural elements lượt thích stone vases và greenery, add a wooden shelf, và provide light with fixtures made of dark metals .

Wood Blinds & Farmhouse Decor

Similar lớn rustic decor, farmhouse decor compliments wooden blinds perfectly. Painted faux wooden blinds add Khủng the clean, trắng backdrop that is contrasted with dark wood & đen metal elements. Don’t forget béo hang your favorite “ welcome ” sign near the window & fill your vases with cốt tông branches .

Wood Blinds & Modern Decor

Modern decor is sleek và simple. Achieve this phong cách with the help of your smooth và clean blinds và add moody artwork, a large mirror, và a leather couch Khủng your space !

Wood Blinds & Boho Decor

Wood blinds are a great option for those who favor this phong cách. Their naturalistic look lends itself very well phệ the light, airy, & textured vibes that come with boho decor. Add a woven wall hanging, a jute rug, & warm-toned accent pillows mập complete the look .

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Wooden Treatments from Bloomin’ Blinds

If you’re still searching for the perfect treatments for your trang chủ, Bloomin ‘ Blinds has the sản phẩm for you ! Whether you prefer faux, real, or cordless wooden blinds, our experts are here phệ help you find the perfect match for your home page. Take a look at our products và speak lớn a đội thành viên today bự get started !

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February 28, 2023

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