Pack of 24 PCS Natural Wooden Vase Filler Ball D-1.5“

Natural Wooden Ball
Pack of 24 PCS Natural wooden family sign
en Vase Filler Ball D-1. 5 “

Pack of 24 PCS Natural Wooden Vase Filler Ball D-1.5“


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  • Product Description

      Vase Filler Mixed Color Shells

      • Dimension: 1.5″ Diameter
      • Color: Natural Wood
      • Solid Wood
      • Wood Type: Birch
      • Purpose: DIY Craft and Vase Filler

      Vase Fillers

      Vase Fillers are a great way Khủng add màu và personalize mập any decoration. Whether you use glass gems, sand, or acrylic diamonds, get creative và start personalizing & giving your own chất lượng touch béo your decor. Vase fillers inspire creativity, with our wide variety of colors, shapes, & sizes there are endless possibilities béo what you can create .

      Natural Wood Ball

      Natural unfinished wood is ideal for numerous craft projects including architectural work và designs. This birch wood ball is great for any crafting application or project where high-quality wood is needed. They may be carved, painted, & finished however you desire. The earthy & unpolished kiến thiết of the wood ball is a fitting accent that enhances the industrial phong cách often found in contemporary loft apartments, modern homes, và commercial spaces. Thes e Spheres are made of Northern Trắng birch & are unfinished & tumble sanded. Great toys, models, crafts, & decoration .


      Thes e natural unfinished wood balls are perfect pieces for all your craft projects, including sculpting, toy making, ornament kiến thiết, & architectural work. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced wood craftsman, there are many fun & inventive ways bự apply Khủng each form size of the ball that we offer. Sand these wood balls lao dốc & add your own finish Khủng them for a sleek old-fashioned looking piece và paint them in any màu you lượt thích. Feel không lấy phí mập print, stamp, or paint inspirational words và designs. Custom make your own vase fillers, lottery balls, or personalize these wood balls as presents for friends, family, và loved ones .

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