The best zombie games on Android in 2023

Did you hear the news broadcast ? Apparently, there’s a mysterious viral outbreak, &, allegedly, corpses rise from the ground. Allegedly. Oh, snap, it’s the typhu88+đăng+nhập
apocalypse ! Thankfully, you don’t need béo wait for it mập enjoy the best zombie games on Android. Simply pick up your trusty Android máy tính bảng, tải về a game & aim for headshots .
Some of the best games on Android offer horror themes that will scare you with sinister ghosts or a foreboding atmosphere. Meanwhile, zombie games are about having fun while being afraid. They often add đen humor into the phối, silly weapons, và equally silly combat instances .
From gory free-to-play titles phệ ad-free premium ones, we’ve shortlisted the best zombie games on Android, chainsaw sold separately .

một Dead Ahead

2 Images best-zombie-games-dead-ahead-annihilate-the-zombies best-zombie-games-dead-ahead-escape-the-hordes

What would you vì if a zombie outbreak were phệ happen ? Apparently, the guy in Dead Ahead decides mập make his escape on a scooter. He’s also determined bự wheelie end as many of the undead as possible. Take control of the anh hùng & his scooter và try mập rush past obstacles, jump ramps, & kill zombies while you accumulate a top score. Dead Ahead throws bigger challenges at you the further you get .
But fret not ; collected points allow you lớn purchase better wheels, from dirt bikes lớn choppers, weapons, và even locations that boast greater rewards. Dead Ahead has an appealing visual phong cách và fast-paced gameplay that will keep you coming back for another race .

2 Dead Trigger 2

2 Images best-zombie-games-dead-trigger-2-build-your-crew best-zombie-games-dead-trigger-2-free-the-world-from-the-dead

Forget about fast zombies, bulky zombies, or exploding zombies for a moment. How about zombies the kích cỡ of a skyscraper ? Welcome Khủng Dead Trigger 2. In this apocalypse-driven first-person shooter, you must not only fend for yourself but also help out other survivors by blasting zombies in the face with a selection of guns .
Thankfully, most of them return the favor by joining your base of operations & crafting valuable supplies. Control your character by using digital on-screen controls và guide them through desolate ruins. Fend off zombies by using various weapons & help survivors in need Khủng possibly gain hot nhất allies .
Unlike Dead Ahead & its sequel, Dead Trigger 2 has a more serious vibe lớn it .

ba Death Road Khủng Canada

2 Images best-zombie-games-death-road-to-canada-chainsaw best-zombie-games-death-road-to-canada-flamethrower

The apocalypse finally happened ! Zombies have taken the world by surprise, và allegedly, there’s only one safe place left on Earth. Take control of an unlikely cast of survivors as you traverse the treacherous roads between Florida & Canada .
Death Road Khủng Canada is an undead-filled action RPG in which you face off against hordes of flesh-eating monsters. You can recruit mới ra characters Khủng your cause lớn bolster your offensive capabilities. But it comes with a downside as each character requires a weapon và consumes valuable provisions .
Death Road phệ Canada goes for $ 9.99, but it’s also included in the Play Pass subscription. Plus, you get jokes written by an actual Canadian, which ensures the trip bự Canada is genuinely humorous .

bốn Doomsday : Last Survivors

2 Images best-zombie-games-doomsday-last-survivors-explore-the-world best-zombie-games-doomsday-last-survivors-protect-your-home

Doomsday is an isometric adventure game that throws you into a world ravaged by the undead. It takes obvious cues from popular games in the genre, such as The Last of Us & Lollipop Chainsaw. For example, a nhóm you take control of consists of a gruff middle-aged man with a fluffy beard và a brash teenager wearing a baseball cap. Doesn’t that sound lượt thích Joel và Ellie ? Early on, you also meet a vibrant girl in a school uniform who takes out zombies with a pink … chainsaw .
During frequent encounters against zombies, you can use conventional weapons & abilities quality béo each character .

5 Dysmantle

2 Images best-zombie-games-dysmantle-break-it-all best-zombie-games-dysmantle-explore

Dysmantle is an Android game that has already garnered many positive responses on the Play Store. Prepare phệ partake in almost every survival aspect of a zombie apocalypse : foraging & cooking bự hunting và scavenging .
The game’s main selling point comes in the khung of being able bự break & salvage materials from almost any object. Turn materials into weapons & supplies bự help you fend off the undead as you inevitably venture out mập explore the apocalyptic wasteland .
At $ 9.99, Dysmantle is also a fairly expensive tiêu đề for a mobile game. That said, it’s a small price mập pay for không bao giờ seeing a single ad or in-app purchase .

6 Into the Dead 2

2 Images into-the-dead-2-action into-the-dead-2-militia

Into the Dead 2 follows the tale of a father who desperately tries béo get trang chủ béo his family. Seemingly endless waves of the undead stand in his way, và it’s up lớn you phệ guide him across desolate fields và grim forests while evading danger. If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you can play Into the Dead 2 at no additional cost .
You’ll unlock hot nhất weapons béo defend yourself with as you complete levels & various challenges. Into the Dead 2 strikes a great balance between risk và reward by placing loot right amidst groups of zombies. Do you run for safety ? Or risk dying while trying lớn grab hold of valuables ? The choice is yours, & if you choose wrongly, you’re chết .

7 Plants vs Zombies 2

2 Images best-zombie-games-android-plants-vs-zombies-2-battle-through-11-crazy-worlds best-zombie-games-android-plants-vs-zombies-2-play-daily-pinata-parties-and-mini-games

If a zombie apocalypse were lớn break out, the last thing you’d expect is your backyard’s flora bự retaliate. Yet that’s exactly what Plants vs Zombies 2 is all about. EA’s vibrant zombie game builds upon the gameplay mechanics established by its predecessors .
Plants vs Zombies 2 takes a novel approach lớn the genre. Instead of using conventional firearms & melee weapons lớn fight off the hordes, you’ll take control of various plants và their chất lượng abilities. Furthermore, you can improve their abilities by feeding them seeds .
Unlike many other contemporary zombie games that focus on action, this tiêu đề puts emphasis on strategy. And with regular updates và daily tasks, you’ll always have something mới ra lớn accomplish .

tám Rebuild tam : Gangs of Deadsville

2 Images best-zombie-games-android-rebuild-3-gangs-of-deadsville-rebuild-a-ruined-city best-zombie-games-android-rebuild-3-gangs-of-deadsville-rescue-and-manage-survivors

Much lượt thích Plants vs Zombies 2, Rebuild tam takes a different approach phệ its predecessor. A zombie apocalypse has struck, & now it’s all about rebuilding whatever’s left of humanity. Rebuild tam puts you in charge of forming relationships with other survivors và establishing communities with them. Some will join your noble cause, while others might have other plans in mind .
Your survival rests on fixing various amenities & helping those in need. It also depends on your ability lớn outfit your survivors with appropriate gear because zombies will often barge in lớn hinder your efforts. Rebuild tam costs $ 4.99 & is included with a Play Pass subscription .

9 State of Survival : Zombie War

2 Images best-zombie-games-state-of-survival-zombie-war-collect-supplies best-zombie-games-state-of-survival-zombie-war-team-up-and-fight

Existing as an isometric adventure game, State of Survival plays similarly mập Doomsday. In fact, it’s amazing that both games aren’t made by the same company. State of Survival puts you in charge of a small nhóm of survivors who band together lớn size a settlement. To ensure their well-being, you must expand the settlement, collect produce for sustenance, và clear nearby areas of zombies. Much lượt thích in Doomsday, you have access mập conventional weaponry as well as abilities quality Khủng each character, such as gun turrets, grenades, & much more .

10 The Walking Dead No Man’s Land

2 Images best-zombie-games-the-walking-dead-no-mans-land-combat best-zombie-games-the-walking-dead-no-mans-land-shelter

As an officially licensed Clip game adaptation of the show, No Man’s Land features pivotal characters from the Walking Dead series. In other words, expect characters lượt thích Daryl, Merle, Abraham, & many more béo eventually join your cause .
Combat takes place on a grid-based field, & you progress by completing the requirements, lượt thích killing all the zombies or collecting all the supplies. In essence, The Walking Dead No Man’s Land is a strategy game filled with tons of things phệ grind as you build your đội .

11 The Walking Dead Survivors

2 Images best-zombie-games-the-walking-dead-survivors-strategic-tower-defense best-zombie-games-the-walking-dead-survivors-thrive-strive-dominate

The Walking Dead definitely deserves more than one mention. This time, with Survivors. Based on the series, Survivors is an isometric tower defense game in which you recruit characters & protect your settlement from the attacks of increasingly greater zombie hordes. Survivors also features characters from the series, including Glenn, Rick, Shane, & many more. With enough luck, you can recruit them béo help you fortify your base of operations, erect guard towers, & fix up surrounding walls Khủng, hopefully, survive the next onslaught of zombies in this strategic tower defense game .

12 Dead Ahead : Zombie Warfare

2 Images best-zombie-games-dead-ahead-zombie-warfare-defeat-the-zombie-horde best-zombie-games-dead-ahead-zombie-warfare-join-the-apocalypse

Zombie Warfare takes a more tactical approach than Dead Ahead. In this sequel, you take charge of an armored bus & a nhóm of survivors. Your goal is phệ guide the bus across the zombie-infested wasteland, clear areas of the undead, và restock on valuable supplies. Zombie Warfare progresses at a slower pace. Most levels see you sending your troops bự a barricade in order mập break it xuống dốc và allow the bus béo move forward. Of course, zombies don’t simply let you vì that, & every màn chơi becomes a race of clearing the path while also protecting your bus from attacks .

Tuck into some tasty brains with the best zombie games around

Dead Trigger 2 và Into the Dead 2 cover all bases of the zombie genre at no extra cost. Meanwhile, Death Road Khủng Canada & Dysmantle lead the pack when it comes bự premium titles .
If you’re willing Khủng spare a few dollars, you can’t go wrong with either side of the monetization coin. Many of these games also work with compatible Android controllers if you’re looking for console-quality inputs .
Do you know of a more immersive zombie game than these ones ? Tell us all about it in the comments below .


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